Get To Know The Best Pizza Cutter Now – The Baker’s Guide (2020)

There’s no need to introduce what a pizza is. This food is among of the world’s most favorite delicacies. There is no denying about that. Regardless of the variety, people will dig in as long as it is a pizza. Therefore, it is not surprising to us anymore if many households have their homemade pizza recipes.

If you are really hooked on this food, you might want to invest in the best pizza cutter. This tool will allow you to cut your pizza in the cleanest and mess-free manner as possible. As its name suggests, the role of this device is to make equal and precise cuts to your pizza.

However, not all pizza cutters are worth investing upon. Some of them don’t have the enough sharpness to make those thin and clean cuts. Moreover, others are just difficult to control. These are some of the reasons why shopping for a pizza cutter is quite difficult. But don’t fret. We got you covered.

In this article, we will feature some of the most impressive options for this tool. We recommend that you should check them one by one. In this way, you can find which of them can make the most out of your pizza. Here are they…


Among the dozens of pizza cutters that we tested, only these five satisfied us. They allow excellent control and flexibility in the cuts. Moreover, they have the sharpness and precision that don’t miss anything. If you want to know the features of these pizza cutters, take the time to read their respective reviews.

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For both commercial and personal applications, we do recommend that you should pick the KitchenAid Professional Pizza Wheel. This one has a lightweight design that allows maximum mobility on each and every cut that you do. It has a durable design as well that can resist cracks and other damage.

Since this one has a stainless steel construction, you can guarantee that it doesn’t rust and corrode. It is a great feature that improves its lifespan and reliability in the kitchen. Moreover, it is dishwasher safe, too.

There is a finger guard between the intersection of the blade and the handle. Therefore, you don’t have to be too cautious while using this tool. When it comes to sharpness and precision, this tool is thoroughly impressive. If fact, you can cut thick crusts without exerting too much effort.


  • Extremely sharp blade.
  • Durable and reliable construction.
  • Offers great mobility.
  • It is safe to use.
  • Dishwasher safe.


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Traditionally, pizza cutters have circular blades because they cut in continuous transition. However, an innovative option has already arrived in the market. And that is in the form of the Checkered Chef Pizza Cutter. This particular tool has a long horizontal blade. It is very sharp as well, which lessens your effort in cutting.

This pizza cutter comes with a sheath that hides the blade after you use it. It reduces the deterioration of the blade and protects your hands from getting cut. We all know that circular pizza cutters don’t have any housing for their blades.

Meanwhile, the Checkered Chef Pizza Cutter can do rocker-style slices. Specifically, this innovation allows you to make slices without removing the toppings, which is pretty common to circular pizza cutters.

Aside from being a pizza cutter, the Checkered Chef can also mince, chop, and slice other kitchen ingredients.


  • Multifunctional.
  • Innovative design.
  • Extremely sharp blades.
  • Doesn’t mess up with your pizza.
  • Comes with a safe storage for its blade.


  • Some people just prefer roller cutters.

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Another unconventional pizza cutter that you should check out is the Kitchy PizzaCutter. This product still has a roller-type design. But unlike the standard models, this one doesn’t come with a horizontal handle. Instead, the handle is attached to the blade. Because of this construction, handling the blade becomes very convenient.

It can make clean and thorough cuts, thanks to its stainless steel blade. There is no need for you to slice repeatedly, which could destroy your toppings. Since it doesn’t have a long handle, storing this product is a breeze. It doesn’t take too much space. In fact, it can fit in any type of drawers and cutlery cabinet.

Of course, using this tool is very safe. Specifically, it comes with a protective guard that allows you to cover the blade when you are not using it. It gives you a peace of mind that nothing bad will happen, even if you are not around. Moreover, all parts of the Kitchy Pizza Cutter are dishwasher safe.


  • Extremely sharp and precise.
  • Durable and lightweight construction.
  • Safe to use.
  • Doesn’t consume too much space.
  • Easy to clean.


  • Cleaning the interior part of the pizza cutter is quite challenging.

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The Fred Pizza Boss 3000 is a great tool for those who want a heavy-duty pizza cutter. Specifically, its design is patterned on motorized circular blades. Therefore, it can do quick and precise cuts without any misses and flaws. Furthermore, it perfectly fits any hand sizes. As a result, anyone can control it conveniently.

The build of the Fred Pizza Boss 3000 is extremely robust and durable. The plastic handle is a by-product of innovative engineering. We can say that it has the capacity to last a for a lifetime, as it parts are not as flimsy as other pizza cutters. Of course, it is safe touse, thanks to its blade guard.

Just like other pizza cutters here, this device is dishwasher safe. It is easy to clean and doesn’t come with parts that are difficult to reach. Moreover, since this tool is small, putting it away is not a problem. You can place it any cutlery cabinet that you have in your kitchen!


  • Rugged and durable.
  • Can make clean and sharp cuts.
  • It is easy to control.
  • Cleaning it is not an issue.
  • Easy to store.


  • It gets messy if you are cutting a thick pizza.

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The Culina Pizza Cutter has a similar design to the Checkered Chef. Their only difference is that this pizza cutter doesn’t come with a blade guard. Therefore, there is a need for you to be extra careful while using this device. But when it comes to quality and convenience, this tool definitely possesses these features.

The Culina Pizza Cutter has a robust build. The blade is not susceptible to corrosion or rusting. It simply cuts ingredients like they are nothing. Aside from slicing, it can mince, chop, and cut fruits and vegetables as well.

This pizza cutter has a wooden handle design. The latter is made from hardwood. Therefore, you can expect that it won’t break anytime sooner. Moreover, the design of this tool gives you the advantage of rocking motion. With this mechanism, you can have full control and efficiency in your cuts.


  • Elegant and comfortable design.
  • It can work on different ingredients.
  • Very durable and rugged.
  • Can cut quickly and precisely.
  • Ideal for professional applications.


  • Doesn’t come with a blade guard.
  • It is quite large.

Will A Pizza Cutter Benefit You?

Everyone just loves pizza. It is a fact that is quite ubiquitous and perennial already. As long as this food is present, everybody would just race in to get a slice of their own. That’s how good this delicacy is. However, when it comes to preparation, most of us would get out hands off.

But for people who are willing to do the labor, then a pizza cutter would be a nice investment. There is nothing too much that you should know about this tool. The only thing that you should realize is that it can make your pizza preparation and consumption a lot easy.

It Saves You From The Mess

You can never see professional chefs use an ordinary kitchen knife to slice off their pizzas. It is pretty absurd, regardless where you look at it. Yes. It is true that professional kitchen knives have the sharpness to cut through things.

However, their usage is not suitable for pizza.You should know that pizzas have a sticky texture, thanks to the layers of sauce and condiments. A kitchen knife is not ergonomically designed to deal with such kind of ingredients. Moreover, the slicing motion of a kitchen knife would cause a lot of mess, since it is very susceptible to repetitions. It could ruin your toppings, which would make your pizza less desirable to eat.

On the other hand, a pizza cutter won’t suffer from this issue. The standard pizza cutter is using a roller blade. It can make precise and continuous slices due to its blade’s mobility. Some pizza cutters are using a rocking motion that allows you to make a slice in just one swing.

It Is Very Convenient

Using a pizza cutter gives you a lot of conveniences. If you are fond of making pizzas, this tool will improve the speed and cleanliness of your preparation. You don’t have to worry about making those precise and equal slices anymore. As long as you have this tool, doing such becomes easy.

A pizza cutter would also allow you to save money. Some people can create pizza recipes, but they don’t have the right tools to make their dish presentable and restaurant-worthy. It somehow discourages them and in turn, they would just go to various pizza parlors to savor their favorite dish. Of course, the taste and satisfaction are worth the pay. However, why would you spend more if you can create your own pizza at the convenience of your home?

If you got the right tools and cooking ingredients, then there’s no need for you to go out. You don’t need to dress up and to withdraw cash from your ATM. Those are just unnecessary and extra hassles.

How To Choose A Pizza Cutter

There are some things that you have to consider whenever you want to shop for a pizza cutter. By paying attention to these details, you will be able to get a pizza cutter that would satisfy your growling appetite!


The build of the pizza cutter is quite important in the selection process. You should guarantee that every part of the tool can withstand rust and corrosion. Ideally, the best material for the blade is stainless steel. This particular construction can resist those external detriments.

For the handle, you should opt for metal, wood, or specialized plastic. You just have to make sure that they can offer convenience and stability in handling. Moreover, it is important that they have non-slip coatings so that you can avoid unwanted slides and accidents.


When choosing tools like pizza cutters, you have to be wary about the amount of safety they can provide. Of course, a pizza cutter has a sharp blade. Therefore, you cannot just assume that it doesn’t pose any danger at all. If you have children in your house, you should choose a pizza cutter that has a blade guard. In this way, you can prevent any direct contact with the blade.

Furthermore, it would also be great if the pizza cutter comes with a finger guard. Specifically, the latter is a crevice or a protrusion between the blade and the handle. It will protect your hands from slipping onto the blade if accidental slips happen.


A pizza cutter should be sharp. If a particular pizza cutter comes with a dull blade, then you should drop it already. It would never benefit you at all. As we mentioned earlier, pizzas have sticky and creamy textures. Therefore, it is quite difficult for ordinary knives to slice them smoothly.

However, you should realize that not all pizza cutters have enough sharpness. Some ofthem have rough edges that can destroy the toppings of your food. And that is not a good thing, especially if you are quite meticulous about the appearance of your pizza.

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Final Verdict

There are a lot of pizza cutters in the market today. It could either a good or bad thing, depending on how you look at it. But as long as you know what to look for a pizza cutter, you can easily identify a good unit. Moreover, you can easily avoid those devious marketing pitches.

The ones that we featured on this list are among the best pizza cutters on the market today. They have the most awesome build and design among their competitors. Furthermore, they possess the ergonomics and reliability that are necessary for this tool.

But of course, we do recommend that you should check all these featured pizza cutters. We just want you to find the best product that could meet your requirements and standards. We thoroughly reviewed and tested each of these options. Therefore, we can guarantee that investing in them is not a bad move!

Did you learn from this article? Which of these pizza cutters do you like the most? Tell us your answers in the comment section below!