The Best Milk Frother: Top 5 Options To Choose From (2022)

For cappuccino lovers out there, having the best milk frother is pretty essential. This particular device removes the necessity for investing in an espresso machine to make a cappuccino full of creamy and smooth froth. I am not saying that an espresso machine is an outdated and unwarranted kitchen appliance. Instead, I am just emphasizing that a milk frother is a conventional choice from the get-go.

The foam produced by a milk frother is way better than the kind made by most espresso machines. In fact, many people are now switching to the other side, thanks to the benefits of a milk frother. Better still, if you partner a milk frother with your beloved coffee machine, you can make your favorite drink easily and conveniently.

Of course, there are a lot of options to choose from when it comes to a milk frother. However, only a few stand out from the crowd. I have been doing a lot of research for this particular tool and so have tested several milk frothers over the years. Some have satisfied me while others sadly did not live up to my expectations.

Well, let me show you the tested-and-proven milk frothers on the market today. Make sure that you check out each of these products yourself to see which one of them works for you!




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Breville Milk Cafe


Epica Automatic Electric Milk Frother


Philippe Taglioni Automatic Electric Milk Frother Jug


Bean Envy Electric Handheld Milk Frother


Eurolux Milk Frother

How To Choose The Best Milk Frother

All of these milk frothers have a good reputation in the coffee community as they can all provide a lavish and delectable performance that you should try for yourself. I have written separate reviews for each of these devices in the next section. In this way, you will be able to decide which one to choose, based on their capabilities. Let’s get started!

The Best Milk Frother: Features And Performance

1. Breville Milk Cafe

I would be lying if I said that the Breville Milk Cafe was not my favorite milk frother. From the design down to its finish, this particular device is of premium quality. It is both rugged and compact at the same time, making this a great appliance, and it also has a sleek and well-defined structure.

The performance of the Breville Milk Cafe is one that I simply adore. Its ergonomic interface allows me to use it easily and it comes with two separate discs for creating milk and froth. The first one is for latte, and the other for cappuccino. Because of these components, you can quickly configure the texture of the milk that you want. Whether you want smooth or thick milk, this device can provide it for you.

Additionally, the Breville Milk Cafe comes with a hot chocolate maker. By just pouring in your favorite chocolate syrup, flakes, and powder, you can turn the milk into an instant choco drink! It is a perfect component for your kids who will just love to savor such a luscious and sweet beverage! This milk frother uses induction heating, which contributes to its overall efficiency.


  • Ergonomic and intuitive layout.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Optimal heating mechanism.
  • Comes with two frothing discs for cappuccino and latte.
  • Can make chocolate drinks.
  • No particular downsides noticed.

2. Epica Automatic Electric Milk Frother

I already mentioned that the Breville Milk Cafe is my favorite milk frother. But for many people out there, it seems that the Epica Automatic Electric Milk Frother is the best choice. Well, I can’t blame them for that. After all, the quality of this milk frother is also formidable. This device is known for making both cold and hot milk froths, so it can make any milk accompaniments for various types of drinks.

Its stainless steel body and vacuum-type of insulation, perfectly preserves the temperature of the milk. You can guarantee that you will always get fresh milk froth from this device, regardless of the time of the day. Moreover, its usage is pretty convenient. It features a removable carafe that enables the milk to be poured easily. So spills and waste are not an option anymore!

This particular milk frother can prepare one cup of milk at a time. For cappuccinos and lattes, this is more than enough and it can serve your family perfectly. Even if some unexpected visitors come by, you can be sure that you won’t run out of milk froth. Fortunately, this tool comes with a level indicator so that you can see the current volume of liquid inside.


  • It can preserve the ideal temperature of the milk.
  • Creates milk froth for cappuccino, iced coffee, and other beverages.
  • Holds family-sized servings.
  • Sturdy and easy-to-clean design.
  • Convenient interface.
  • Its power cable is short.

3. Philippe Taglioni Automatic Electric Milk Frother Jug

Another well-received milk frother on the market today is the Philippe Taglioni. This digitally-inspired device can create creamy and tasty milk froth effortlessly. With just a push of a button, this machine can make hot and cold froth for your lattes and cappuccinos. It also can make hot chocolate too, just like Epica.

One of the best features of the Philippe Taglioni is the removable base that allows your to easily clean its interiors. This feature also improves the device’s usability as it enables a spill-free pouring of milk froth. Meanwhile, you will also love the stainless steel construction and sturdy exterior.

The interior of this milk froth features a non-sticking layer. Such an innovation enables the device to maximize the full use of the milk. It also allows you to clean the interiors of the device conveniently. In addition, this milk frother can provide large servings, so it is perfect for family gatherings and large occasions.


  • Sturdy and sleek design.
  • Can froth hot and cold milk.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Compact and easy to use.
  • Comes with a visible lid.
  • Battery operated (this might be inconvenient for some people).

4. Bean Envy Electric Handheld Milk Frother

Anyone would feel envious of you if they saw this device on your kitchen counter. The Bean Envy Electric Handheld Milk Frother is a classy milk frother, which makes it an ideal fit for any modern kitchen. It has a distinct appearance and ambiance that would even complement the best commercial coffee bars and salons! It can deliver the desired milk froth that you want for your cappuccino and latte. I have tried using this device and it can certainly create thick and creamy milk froth.

The Bean Envy Electric Handheld Milk Frother is also fast. There will be no waiting game when you use this machine. This is quite surprising, considering that it’s only a portable, handheld device. It comes with an integrated motor that has a 19,000-RPM capacity and can froth in just 15 seconds!

You will love the sturdiness of this milk frother. It has a compact layout, but is made from a special-grade of stainless steel, so you can expect it to serve you for a long time! The innovative design improves its overall functionality and it doesn’t produce any noise and vibration while running, which is ideal for ordinary milk frothers.


  • Elegant and classy design.
  • Extremely sturdy.
  • Comes with a powerful motor.
  • Comfortable handle (wrapped by silicone rubber).
  • Portable and travel-friendly.
  • The batteries drain easily.

5. Eurolux Milk Frother

The Eurolux Milk Frother is my final choice that I want to recommend to you. This particular machine has the same quality and capacity as the first devices that I’ve featured here. It can make cold and hot milk froth for the various drinks that you have in your mind. It also uses special heating technology that improves its overall efficiency.

The Eurolux Milk Frother’s construction is also excellent, as it made out of professional grade stainless steel that will ensure it is a reliable and long-lasting addition to your kitchen. Both its exterior and interior are dishwasher safe, so cleaning is not a problem for this machine.

The Eurolux does a fine job when it comes to the milk froth it produces, as it can maintain the temperature of the milk without losing any of its smoothness and creaminess. It won’t disappoint you, especially on those special occasions when you will need luscious cappuccinos and lattes.


  • Modern and ergonomic design.
  • Preserves the temperature of the milk.
  • Sturdy and durable construction.
  • Easy to use.
  • Cleaning is not a problem.
  • It has a plastic base, which is not for some people.

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Do You Need A Milk Frother?

There are a lot of people who constantly ask me about the importance of a milk frother. Of course, this appliance costs so it’s only natural for people to question whether its necessary. As it is a form of investment, you have the right to know if buying the device is worth your while.

Although a milk frother is not a mandatory machine that you must have in your kitchen, there is no doubt that having this machine will increase your enjoyment of drinking cofee, especially cappuccino and latte.

Coffee aficionados are typically meticulous about their drinks and won’t settle for ordinary instant coffee, especially the kind sold out of machines. The quality of their lattes, cappuccinos, and espressos has to be high and they expect pure finesse. That’s why they go to coffee bars, so they can savor a good drink.

Now, both you and I know that a milk frother is just a “side” machine. It is not on a par with your French press and espresso machines. However, it can complete the menu. After all, how can you enjoy your cappuccino without the creamy milk? Moreover, a latte won’t satisfy you without the thick texture that only milk can provide.

Milk Is Healthy

Including milk in your coffee and beverages is beneficial to your health as it can bolster your bodily functions. Some people claim that drinking coffee is detrimental to your system. But if you occasionally include milk in it, how can this be the case?

To be honest, coffee and other related drinks come with their upsides and downsides. They can be either beneficial or detrimental, depending on the tolerance of your body. Health-conscious people don’t drink black coffee. They add some instead milk. Milk doesn’t just improve the healthiness of the drink, it also elevates the flavor of your beloved coffee.

Milk is a good source of minerals like calcium and potassium, and is also rich in protein. Therefore, it can improve your daily metabolism and bolster your immune system. By enjoying your cappuccino or latte with milk froth, you are actually enhancing your bodily constitution!

Cost Efficient

Although a milk frother has a price tag, this machine can actually cut down on your monthly expenses. If you are a casual coffee shop goer, there is a good chance that you are burning a hundred bucks on your monthly consumption of coffee. At first glance, the cost might not sound that great. But once the receipts stack up, you will realize that you’re spending more than you should.

Coffee machines and milk frothers are just a one-time investment, especially if you buy a high-quality unit. In the long run, they will save you from countless trips to the coffee shop. After all, why should you keep going to these places if you can make professional-grade drinks in the comfort of your own kitchen? Well, that’s just my opinion, but think about it. You will never regret it if you acquire one of these machines.

Don’t worry, I can attest to its economic benefits. For many years, I was dependent our our local coffee bars for my daily dose of cappuccino, but it was a real pain to find that my yearly receipts had gone up to a thousand bucks as a result! However, since I’ve got a good espresso machine and milk frother, I have been able to moderate my expenses.

How To Choose The Best Milk Frother For You

There are some features that indicate the quality of a milk frother. It is safe to say that not all products are made equal, some are just much better than others. Instinctively, we want to spend our money on promising machines, which is why we want to dig deeper when we are shopping for home appliances and furnishings.

Milk frothers fall into the same category too. It is necessary for you to be selective when choosing the one to buy or you might end up with a substandard device that won’t give you the desired milk froth.


When choosing a milk frother, speed is the biggest factor that you should consider. Specifically, the speed of a milk frother is dependent on its motor and the power that its batteries have. You cannot alter the performance of the motor unless it is a feature that’s designated to a particular milk frother. However, most of the time, it will remain on its default capacity.

You will find the motor’s speed coordinates with the batteries, so weak batteries will not be able to maximize the full capacity of the motor. Therefore, it is pretty important that the batteries should be rechargeable.

Take note that the faster the motor is, the better it can prepare the milk. The creaminess and richness of a milk froth relies on the overall output of the milk frother. I recommend that you study your milk frother as well, as you’ll need to get the hang of using it. In this way, you can fully maximize its performance without draining the batteries fast.


The overall design of a milk frother is also an indicator of its quality. I would recommend that you should go with machines that have stainless steel bodies. These devices have a good way of preserving the temperature of the milk froth (assuming that you have an automated milk frother). Moreover, handling them is not that difficult, and the material is lightweight and easy to clean. Therefore, maintenance will never be a problem.

Of course, the milk frother should be easy to operate. It should not have a tricky and confusing interface. After all, not all of us are professional baristas, so we need a milk frother that will give us convenience.

Different Types Of Milk Frother

There are various types of milk frothers you can choose. The first one is the manual milk frother. This is a device with a crank or pump that is attached to a stainless steel carafe. The biggest advantage of this unit is its affordability. But obviously, it doesn’t have the power to give you delectable milk froth quickly. Moreover, it won’t heat up your milk, as it doesn’t have an integrated heating mechanism.

The second type is the handheld milk frother. Don’t confuse a handheld milk frother with a manual milk frother. Although it has a compact design, a handheld milk frother is battery operated. Its design is pretty similar to a blender, but it is compact and lightweight. It will definitely do better than a manual milk frother. But, once again, it doesn’t have a heating mechanism for your milk.

The best option you can get is an automated milk frother. This variant comes with a carafe, a heating component, and a whisk. As long as you have the milk, this device can prepare either hot or cold milk froth, depending on your preferences.

Investing in an automated milk frother is the best and most reasonable choice for you. But let me give you the downsides to this device. Firstly, it is quite difficult to clean, as most of its parts are not detachable. Secondly, it might be too expensive for you.

Final Verdict

Having a milk frother will give your cappuccinos and lattes the flavor they deserve. There will be no need for you to go to your local coffee parlors anymore. With this machine, you can make these soothing beverages in your kitchen. With a high-quality milk frother, you can enjoy drinking your favorite coffee without any hassle or spending too much.

Among the units I have featured, it is pretty obvious that the Epica is the best milk frother. It has the power to prepare your milk froth quickly and conveniently. Moreover, it has an excellent heating element that preserves the milk’s temperature. Although I admit that the Breville Milk Cafe is still my favorite milk frother, it is still undeniable that the Epica surpasses it.

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Of course, I recommend that you should try all of these milk frothers that I’ve featured. In this way, you will be able to determine which one of them fits your needs and preferences!

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