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Drink pure deliciousness! White coffee is a creamy and tastety delight for all coffee lovers out there. So set aside your espresso coffee for once and try another flavor. You will be surprised that you have found another new favorite drink.


What Is White Coffee?

What Is White Coffee?

With its new and special taste, white coffee has captured the interest of consumers. White coffee originated in Ipoh, Old Town, Malaysia, but it does not really look white.

It is instead a light creamy caramel shade of brown with a unique creamy flavor and splendid aroma that lingers in the memory. This is a regular drink in Malaysia and is now gaining popularity worldwide.

What Is The Difference Between White And Black Coffee?

  • The roasting process of black and white coffee is totally different. While black coffee is roasted at a very high temperature with caramel, white coffee is roasted at a very low temperature 2-3 faster than black coffee.
  • Black coffee is mixed with margarine and sugar during roasting, while white coffee only uses margarine.
  • Black coffee is quite bitter to the palate, with an acidic, dark, thick flavor that is the opposite of white coffee.

What Are The Health Benefits Of White Coffee?

Caffeine helps the adrenaline levels in your blood, so drinking one cup of coffee for breakfast is excellent for your health.

The following are the many things that white coffee can give you:

  • It can reduce your chances of cancer and stroke.
  • It helps you out with weight loss as it burns fat.
  • It helps with your physical performances.
  • Prevents memory loss and keeps the skin smooth.
  • Helps you to stay alert, focused and prevents dizziness.
  • Protects both your body and your brain.
  • Helps you to feel brighter when you have depression.
  • Lowers the risk of type 2 diabetes.

How Do You Make White Coffee?

Making white coffee is simple. Here are the two easy and simple steps:

Step 1

Take seven tablespoons of white coffee into your coffee machine or brewer’s filter. If seven is too much for the filter, reduce the amount.

Step 2

Use a full pot of fresh, clean water, and brew them together.

Disadvantages Of Coffee Intake

We already know the health benefits of drinking white coffee, but what are its disadvantages when drunk in different conditions.

  • Caffeine can raise your blood pressure – therefore, people who have regular high blood pressure must limit their intake of it or have none at all.
  • For a healthy adult, the safe amount of coffee intake is 400 mg/day. Drinking more than that may cause complications.
  • Drinking too much coffee can cause a headache. If your body is used to it, you can sometimes tolerate it, but the headaches can occur again if you stop drinking it.
  • Some people have coffee intolerance, so they cannot drink too much caffeine. They get easily confused and experience delirium.
  • It is inadvisable for those who have acid reflux to take coffee. Caffeine affects the amount of acid in your stomach and can result in heartburn.
  • Coffee can cause palpitations and breathing difficulties.
  • It poses a risk to pregnant women as coffee slow downs the growth of the fetus and can lead to a miscarriage.

Please remember that all of the above conditions can be prevented, and if they apply to you, you must be responsible enough to control your coffee intake. Coffee is good for your body but not if it is drunk in excess.

Other Meaning Of “White Coffee” Around The World

Although we already know the meaning of white coffee, you may be surprised to know that it has different meanings in other parts of the world. Therefore, it is essential that you get to know these meanings so as to avoid confusion, especially if you are a frequent traveler.

  • In Europe, white coffee means an ordinary black coffee but served with cream and sugar.
  • In the Western world, it is a regular black coffee but with milk in it, and it can also be called “light coffee“.
  • In the Lebanon, white coffee is made up of orange blossom water and ordinary water, and so does not contain any caffeine at all.

To get the coffee you want, make sure you take note of these terms and meanings.

So, is everything now clear about white coffee? Are you willing to make it a new favorite, apart from your usual espresso? There are so many kinds of coffee to taste and white coffee is just one of them. 

  • Just remember, caffeine is good for our health as long as you do not drink too much of it. That’s a sincere tip from a friend!

Write your comments and questions here or tell us about your favorite kind of coffee.