Top 5 Ice Crushing Blenders On The Market In 2022

We all love smoothies, ice cream, and other drinks, and we love to make it at home. Also, crushed ice is important to make our perfect smoothie and ice cream a reality. But how can we achieve it if the ice is chunky? In this situation, blenders come to the rescue. However, not all blenders are created equal no matter how hard some manufacturers try to copy their competitors.

So, what are the best blenders on the market for crushing ice along with other ingredients? In this article, I’m going to list the top 5 best products you can choose from.

Blenders are a gift from heaven. They don’t just crush big chunky pieces of ice; they also pulverize anything like fruits and vegetables into smooth pieces. They are a multi-functional appliance that can replace one or more of your other kitchen gadgets.


No.Product NameOur Reviews
1Ninja Master PrepRead Review
2Ninja Professional Blender 1000 Read Review
3Hamilton Beach Power Elite Multi-Function BlenderRead Review
4Cuisinart Hurricane 2.25 Peak HP Blender Read Review
5Blendtec Total Blender Read Review

Top 5 Best Blender For Crushing Ice

How Do Blenders Work?

A blender comes with a pitcher which is either made of plastic and glass. There is a sharp set of blades at the bottom of the blender. The blade plate is held in with a screw-on cap and rubber gasket. It also provides the pressure to avoid overspill and leaks.

A blender usually has a base that houses a powerful motor and some buttons. These buttons, when pressed, changes the motor’s speed and the blade’s revolving.

Advantages Of Having A Blender

Is a blender worth purchasing, however? This kind of question often precedes all others when any product is being considered. In a blender’s case, it is almost always more than worth it. It lies on what kind of blender you are buying and what brand.

So, what are the advantages of keeping a blender in your kitchen?

It Makes Nutritious Foods More Exciting To Eat

Blenders can make vegetables and fruits more tempting to eat by turning them into juices and other desserts. This is very beneficial to a family if your kids don’t like eating vegetables and fruits, as you essentially trick them into realizing how tasty some vegetables can be. All it takes is some creativity, so try to think up some fun-looking smoothies and sneak in all kinds of nutrients.

Also, unlike juicers and similar products, blenders tend not to let any piece of your food go to waste. Aside from that, even though the foods have been emulsified or pulverized, the nutrients aren’t wasted because it is still the whole food that’s being consumed.

Using a blender, it makes the planning and serving breakfast or dessert easily.

Easy Cleaning

The brands of blenders available in stores have this cleaning technology where you simply put clean water in your blender after blending and run it for few seconds. Blenders actually clean themselves pretty thoroughly this way, and it saves you a lot of time.

Enjoy New Discoveries

With enough creativity, you can make much more than just ice cream or smoothies. Soup, sauces, dressings, and dips are also available, and a lot of these would otherwise take a lot more time and effort to make.

Top 5 Best Blenders For Crushing Ice

With all these qualities in mind, I’ve analyzed five top-quality products available on the market right now. Keep in mind that personal preference plays a large part of it, so choose the blender that fits your home conditions and meets your demands.

1. Ninja Master Prep from SharkNinja

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This blender uses quad blade technology that adds a boost to processing horsepower for ice crushing and cutting. It comes with an interchangeable 400-watt power pod that quickly switches between the 48-ounce pitcher and the 16-ounce chopper. What this essentially means is that you won’t spend hours trying to figure out how the machine works.

Ninja Master Prep boasts the following additional features: splash guards and no-slip bases on the chopper and pitcher that keep things from getting messy, storage lids for added convenience, and dishwasher-safe removable parts to make cleaning just that tiny bit easier.

  • Works fast.
  • Not too big and clunky.
  • The results are often not the smoothest.

2. Ninja Professional 1000 from Shark Ninja


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This sleek-looking blender does it all. With a blade specifically designed towards crushing, your ice will get shredded in seconds, although not without the accompanying noise. It has an extra-large 72-ounce jar in case you need to make drinks for more than just yourself or two people. Another useful thing is that its parts are dishwasher-safe, so you can efficiently clean all of them without worrying.

If you want to serve the ingredients a little bit chunky, you can leave it running for a shorter time. However, if you want it really smooth, you can process it for more time. Lowering the speed helps avoid food discoloration.

  • The blender has six blades, so you don’t need to stir.
  • It is also effective for chopping.
  • It is heavy.

3. Hamilton Beach Power Elite Multi-Function Blender

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This blender can withstand a max power of 700W. You can put that power to use through 12 different blending settings, which is incredibly versatile, especially at that price range.

The blender’s Wave-Action system helps keep the food/ice near the blades at all times, so you get a pretty smooth turnout. Its unique no-mess pour spout yields easy pouring. After you’re done shredding, the cord fits into its bottom for better storage.

  • Tip: Not all smoothies are equal, add water in the jar first to achieve desired results.
  • Versatile.
  • Clean-up and storage are easy.
  • The blender’s lid helps prevent spills.
  • The glass jar is easily broken if you’re not careful.

4. Cuisinart Hurricane Gunmetal Peak HP Blender from Cuisinart

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The Hurricane Blender is very easy to use and surprisingly powerful. Its heavy-duty plastic base makes it durable enough to last a long time, while the weight adds a bit of extra stability. With a soft grip handle and a display that lets you adjust speed, pulse, and a timer, it’s easy to switch things up on the fly.

A strange but very convenient extra feature is that the blender can auto adjust the speed of its four-prong blade whenever it senses extra food/ice being added. The 60-ounce jar, while also handy to have, makes the overall construction a bit unwieldy, so you may need to clear up extra space to house this behemoth.

  • It’s very easy to adjust blade speed.
  • The blades are powerful enough to crush ice and frozen goods.
  • The blender feels stable.
  • Might be too bulky.

5. Blendtec Total Blender from Blendtec

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This Blendtec Blender is an all-in-one blender that lets you go wild and make fresh juice, milkshakes, smoothies, ice cream, dips, dressings and any other liquid kitchen product you can imagine. Probably also the elixir of life, while you’re at it. It comes with a tuned 4″ blade in a 3-quart, BPA-free and large WildSide jar.

While the blender is made of a durable material (including stainless steel, which lets it resist corrosion), it’s also very light, so you can hold it steady without much trouble. You also don’t have to worry about lifting it.

It only has one blade, but this comes with a clever upside. The patented precision angles and vertical wingtips of this one blade catch anything that drops in without needing to strain the hardware. Its ball bearings reduce the friction, so your blending is quieter and faster. It is held in place by a rubber mount that absorbs the shock produced by blending frozen fruits and ice.

Safety matters too, and this powerful blender is ETL certified.

  • The blender monitors the speed, keeps track of temperature and executes pre-programmed blend cycles.
  • There is a blade nut attached for easy cleaning.
  • The pre-programmed cycles run with a quick push of a button.
  • While it is quieter than your average blender, it’s far from silent.

Our Ratings

Product NameQuality
Ninja Master Prep A-
Ninja Professional Blender 1000 A
Hamilton Beach Power Elite Multi-Function Blender B+
Cuisinart Hurricane 2.25 Peak HP Blender A+
Blendtec Total Blender A+

And that’s it! All of these blenders are quality work and will serve you for a long time even with frequent use. However, there can be only one. While we won’t be beheading anyone, there is a clear winner here based on their selling points.

The Ninja Professional Blender has more blades in it than an actual ninja would carry and the power to match. While it can be a bit heavy, it can also outlive an average mountain, and it’s easy to use and clean once you set it up.

Be sure to let us know if you’ve found another amazing blender out there, or if you have any special recipes that make use of one! If you have any feedback, we would love to hear it. Thanks for reading!