Here Is The Best 2-Slice Toaster For Your Kitchen! (2022)

Just imagine life without toasters. Our mornings would be boring if we couldn’t savor tasty toasted bread and bagels.

If you are living alone, then you might want to choose the best 2-slice toaster. Of course, you could opt for the 4-slice version instead (check our full separate review of 4-slice toasters here). However, if you prefer speed and convenience, a 2-slice toaster would be the best for you.

It will save space because it’s compact, since its slots (where you insert the bread) are limited to two. For those who are living in apartments and small rooms, such an option is really advantageous.

Fortunately, there are a lot of options when it comes to this type of toaster. You can see numerous brands that offer a variety of designs and features. Such a huge choice is great for shopping, but it can make the task confusing and a tad difficult.

In this article, we will clear up all those unwanted worries for you. We have listed some of the best options you can have for a 2-slice toaster and outlined a comprehensive buying guide to stop you from getting lost in the shopping jungle. So what are you waiting for? Read on!


2 Slice Toaster: Reviews & Buying Guide

Out of all the 2-slice toasters we tested, these five were the best and can make toast like you have never seen before. With one of these present in your kitchen, we are sure that your cooking versatility will widen! Check out our individual reviews for these toasters and see which one fits your needs!

Best 2-Slice Toasters: Features, Performance, And More!

1. Breville 2-Slice Smart Toaster

Image from Williams Sonoma

When it comes to power and performance, the Breville 2-Slice Smart Toaster is simply outstanding. This 900-watt device can turn any bread into something that is tasty and flavorful. It will prepare any of your favorite delicacies – from bagel to muffins – creating them like magic, without any burnt or uncooked bread.

The design of the Breville 2-Slice Toaster is a byproduct of innovation and technology. It comes with user-friendly push buttons for its controls and lowering function, so that you don’t have to press down the bread. With just a single touch, you can access this feature. It also comes with a bagel, defrost, and reheat function as well.

There is a LED panel integrated into the toaster, which indicates the level of toasting or browning you want. It also comes with a sound system that alerts you when the toast is done. With its die-cast metal construction, there is no denying that this toaster will last a long time!


  • Compact and rugged body.
  • Its design perfectly fits modern kitchens.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Heating element of 900 watts.
  • Accommodates all bread sizes.


  • The toasting is not even (some parts are noticeably browner compared to the rest, this is not a deal breaker though).

2. De’Longhi Icona 2-Slice Toaster

The Icona is a fine example De’Longhi’s unrivaled innovation and creativity. We have known this elegant brand from their espresso makers. So it should come as no surprise to learn that their toasters have the same qualities too.

The De’Longhi Icona has a classy and retro design with a gloss finish that perfectly fits most modern kitchens. But this is far from fragile, it can last several years before it starts to break. It isn’t prone to accidents and damages either, thanks to its non-slip feet.

When it comes to performance, this toaster is undeniably great. It offers ergonomic controls that let you control its multiple heating options, including basic reheating and defrosting features.

There is also a steel crumb tray, which you can remove for easy cleaning, and six browning settings. A knob is used to adjust the level of brownness (from 1 to 6) and a scale is attached on the toaster to tell you this.


  • Removable steel crumb tray.
  • Compact and rugged design.
  • A beautiful kitchen appliance.
  • Comes with an extra lift so you can fit in small sizes of bread.
  • Innovative browning knob and scale.


  • The toast is not always evenly browned.

3. Hamilton Beach Cool Wall 2-Slice Toaster

An affordable toaster doesn’t mean that it is cheap. At least, that’s what the Hamilton Beach Cool Wall Toaster has taught us. This attractive and reliable toaster possesses the same efficiency and quality. In fact, it can compete with most of the top brands on the market today.

One of its most impressive features is a Cool Wall. As the name suggests, the side panels of this toaster don’t heat up, even when it is operating. We like this simple but beneficial functionality. Just think of it. You don’t have to worry about getting scorched anymore by accidental contact to the toaster. This gives you total peace of mind, even if you have children around.

It also offers other safety features as well, such as the SureGuard, which prevents electrocution and other unwanted accidents. When it comes to toasting, it has high standards and can accommodate thick slices of bagels and bread, thanks to its wide slots. There is also a cancel button and a crumb tray for ease of operation.


  • Extra safe to use.
  • It has wide slots (perfect for large bagels).
  • Comes with cord storage.
  • Browning control is still available.
  • Automatic shutdown feature.


  • The browning is still not even.
  • Reheating and defrosting options are not present.

4. Oster Jelly Bean 2-Slice Toaster

If you are pretty meticulous about the shade of your toast, then the Oster Jelly Bean is the right choice for you. Unlike most toasters today, which contain 5 to 6 shade settings, this one comes with a whopping 7 toast shades! With this feature, you can guarantee that you are in control of the kind of toast that you want this toaster to produce.

Meanwhile, it offers wide slots for maximum convenience. Each of them has automatic guides to make sure the bread will always be at the center. Its functions are the following: Toast, Frozen, Warm, Bagel, and Cancel. With the availability of multiple heating options, you can be assured that the Oster Jelly Bean will cater for our intricate taste!

This device also features an anti-jam function and a toast lift. There is also a crumb tray underneath the body that you can easily remove.


  • The slots have bread guides.
  • It has a toast lift function.
  • Crumb tray is removable for easy cleaning.
  • Multiple heating options.
  • It has a vast spectrum of browning options.


  • The slots are shallow.
  • The control buttons need to be bigger.

5. Cuisinart Touch to Toast Leverless 2 Slice Toaster

The Cuisinart Touch to Toast has a 4-slice counterpart. We featured it in our separate review for 4-slice toasters. The only difference between the two is the number of bread slots. But when it comes to performance and quality, they are both the same!

The impressive toaster is among the most intuitive toasters that we have tested. It has a motorized lift that works perfectly on its stainless steel body and an LCD screen as well. The LCD is basically a timer that tells you the overall progress of the toasting, and the blue lighting of the LCD makes it very visible!

All of the basic heating options are present on this toaster, so you can reheat and defrost with this device! Furthermore, it can even toast your favorite bagels and muffins hassle-free. Apart from its compact size, the cord is easy to arrange, so it won’t eat too much into your kitchen’s space!


  • Motorized lift.
  • LCD timer.
  • Compact and rugged design.
  • Wide bread slots.
  • Smooth operation.


  • The bread slots are not that long.
  • No browning options.

Things To Consider Before Buying A 2-Slice Toaster

The toasters that we’ve featured are among the best on the market today. But it’s your choice what you buy and we have never said that a toaster is a must-have tool in the kitchen. Let us tell you some of the reasons why having this appliance is beneficial in your household.

Reasons Why You Need A Toaster

Buying a modern toaster is pretty similar to getting a refrigerator or an HD TV. You have to, first of all, decide if a toaster is necessary before buying the device. Otherwise, you will be purchasing an unwanted tool.

Although some of you think a toaster is an optional device, we believe it provides a number of huge benefits! Here are they:


We are living in a fast-paced era. That’s the reason why most of our activities today involve automated machines and computers. A toaster is a kind of automatic cooking tool, which removes the time-consuming preparation from making bagels or toasted bread.

They are great if you have hectic schedules. As long as you have an efficient toaster, you can still have a well-deserved breakfast.


A toaster gives you the freedom to experiment with different bread recipes. If you are on a diet, then bread will be among your staple foods. Of course, you many want variation so that your tongue can savor different flavors, and with a toaster, you can do magic with it!

Are you craving for a bagel, a pizza or a graveyard sandwich? You can have all of these delicious treats with a good, working toaster!

Important Considerations In Choosing A Toaster

We are pretty confident that we’ve now convinced you to get a toaster. Don’t worry. You will never regret such a decision. Now is the perfect time to unravel all of the necessary features that you will need on a toaster. Take note that such features are applicable for both 2-slice and 4-slice toasters.

Toasting Capabilities

When choosing a toaster, it is crucial that you buy a unit that offers versatility and multiple functions. The adage “the more, the better” is very applicable here. Of course, toasters with a lot of functions are pretty costly.

Therefore, the best thing you can do is to assess your needs. Do you need a defrosting option? How about reheating and bagels? If not, then just go for a basic toaster. However, choosing “basic” models will restrict your creativity in the kitchen.

The Size of the Toaster

The size of the toaster is an important consideration. For those with huge kitchen spaces, this one is not an issue. But for those with a limited counter space, it is necessary to consider the size of the appliance. Naturally, a device that contains a lot of features will be larger. Fortunately, a 2-slice toaster is smaller than a 4-slice device.

The size can also refer to the slots on the toaster. Make sure that the slots are wide and deep enough for the bread. Otherwise, the toasting won’t be full or even.

Ergonomic Controls

The controls of the toaster should be visible. Even on compact devices, the labels for the controls should be large enough and readable. You don’t want to mistake a defrosting function for reheating.


The appearance will instantly indicate its quality. You cannot expect a flimsy-looking toaster to offer a premium performance.

On the other hand, those toasters made from stainless steel and die-cast metal are expected to be rugged and proficient. Of course, do not forget the aesthetics! Unless you don’t want to display it in your kitchen, make sure the toaster looks appealing.

Toaster Features

Here are the four features that your 2-slice toasters should have!

  • Browning – A good toaster can “brown” your bread in multiple hues (from light to dark). Moreover, the shade of the toast should be even (considering that you’ve put them on a similar setting).
  • Timer – This is a mandatory feature that practically removes the guesswork. It enables you to determine the progress of toasting and prevents over-toasting.
  • Lifter – The toaster naturally pops out after the toasting. However, there should still be a lever or similar mechanism that further reveals the toast, so that you can retrieve it easily. Most high-end models (just like the ones we’ve featured) offer a motorized lift.
  • Crumb Tray – Crumbs are an inevitable byproduct of toasting. Therefore, a toaster should have a catch tray for these leftovers. It should be removable as well. Otherwise, cleaning will become very difficult!

Our Top Picks

Final Verdict

Having a good toaster is certainly beneficial, whatever type of kitchen you have. Whether you live in an apartment or a house of your own, these kitchen appliances will certainly improve your living conditions. The food that a toaster can create is simple, but it’s undeniably delicious and healthy! Just think of those bagels!

My Best Picks

Among the toasters we featured, the Breville 2-Slice Smart Toaster has the best performance. The slots have enough depth and width to accommodate different sizes correctly, and its construction and mode of operation are pretty smooth. Therefore, investing in this one is never going to be a bad choice.

But if you want an affordable option, we give you Hamilton Beach Toaster. Unlike other toasters in its price range, it doesn’t feel cheap at all! We just love the fact that it can compete well with the high-end brands!

However, we recommend that you try out all these toasters we’ve highlighted. We have tested all of them to ensure that their performances aren’t shabby. Take a look at which of them will please your appetite!

Did you learn from this article? Which of the 2-slice toasters we featured do you like the most? Tell us in the comment section below!