Here Is The Best Bacon Cooker On The Market Today! (2021)

Most of us just love bacon. Even if you don’t admit it openly, you know that your stomach always craves this delicacy. It is just an irresistible treat that you cannot ignore. But things would be better if you had the best bacon cooker. It makes preparing bacon a lot faster, easier and healthier.

It has an ergonomic design that ensures the bacon strips are evenly cooked. It is a great tool to use with your toaster (check out our reviews for the best 4-slice and 2-slice toasters). With these kitchen appliances, your morning breakfast will always be perfect and full of flavor!

In this article, we featured five of the most impressive options for a bacon cooker on the market today. Moreover, we include a buyer’s guide to make sure you won’t get lost when shopping for this product. So what are you waiting for? Read on!


There are dozens of bacon cookers on the market today, but these five were the ones most able to satisfy our needs. Each of them has a good standing in the cooking community. Find out what makes these tools tick by reading our reviews. Read on!

The 5 Best Bacon Cookers On The Market Today: Our Reviews

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This is one of the most impressive bacon cookers we encountered. It is perfect for both outdoor and indoor cooking, thanks to its portable, lightweight design, and has a wide cooking area (around 100 square inches). Better still, it is non-stick. So you can easily remove the bacon without getting any stuck on the device.

The cooking surface is pretty flat and even. This construction allows you to do a combination or griddle and grill. Moreover, you can cook the bacon crisply without splattering, as it has an innovative kickstand that stands upright to stop the cooker from getting greasy.

You will also love the removable cooking plates, which makes the cooking a lot more convenient. The same is true of the drip tray – you just remove it from the device and wash it. Trust us, all of these parts are dishwasher safe, so there is nothing to worry about.


  • Cooks the bacon evenly.
  • Non-stick surface.
  • Most parts are removable and dishwasher safe.
  • Pretty wide cooking surface.
  • Compact and durable construction.


  • Short power cord.
  • Its LED indicators aren’t that bright.

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If you are looking for a basic bacon cooker, then one of our favorite recommendations is the Presto Bacon Microwave Cooker. It has a simple design and easy operation that allows you to use it easily. You just put on the bacon and wait for it to be cooked!

In just a single go, it can cook up to twelve rashers of bacon, and it doesn’t produce unwanted splatters on your stovetop, so cooking remains smooth and clutter-free. This bacon cooker prepares your delicacy in a safer and healthier manner than pan-frying, as the excess fats fall into the base of the tray.

Cleaning is not too tricky as this bacon cooker is fully submersible in the water and dishwasher safe. It doesn’t have awkward, hard-to-reach parts either, and it is easy to store. All of its cooking racks are removable.


  • Removable cooking racks.
  • Fully submersible in water.
  • Cooks cleanly (no splatters).
  • Easy to use.
  • All the dripping fats falls into the base of the cooker.


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This is another excellent option for a bacon cooker. It has a good reputation in the community, thanks to the high-quality construction. The cooking racks are elevated, so the grease easily drips from the bacon, which means you can cook your favorite delicacy healthily.

The Emson Bacon Wave’s structure is truly ergonomic and rugged. The materials don’t feel cheap and flimsy at all, and it has a premium feel considering its price. It can cook all your bacon evenly and reduces the cholesterol and fat content of the meat.

This bacon cooker has a stackable design, which means it has the capacity to cook a maximum of twenty-eight bacon rashes in one go, and the cooking time is pretty fast.


  • Cooks one rasher of bacon per minute.
  • Removes unwanted fat and cholesterol.
  • Guaranteed no grease.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Comes with a stackable design.


  • It isn’t long enough to handle lengthy bacon rashes.

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Unlike most of the products featured here, this unique design has a handcrafted mug design. It is a genuine pottery product and there’s no trace of lead, so it’s safe for cooking.

This particular bacon cooker is quick and easy. It can fry without any residues of grease or oil. Just drape the bacon on the rim of this mug, then cover it with a paper towel. After that, put it inside the microwave and wait for four minutes. By just following these simple steps, you can serve crispy, perfectly cooked bacon all the time!


  • It cooks evenly.
  • Eliminates the grease from frying.
  • It’s compact, so it can fit perfectly inside your microwave.
  • Doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals.
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe.


  • It can only prepare eight bacon rashes of bacon at one time.

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If you want an innovative way to cook your bacon, pick the George Foreman Removable Plate Grill. It has an indoor grill dedicated to cooking bacon and other related servings. It is perfect for bacon because of is its fat-removal design. The cooking surface of this device is partially sloped, so the grill can effectively remove up to 40% of the fat. As a result, your meat becomes leaner and healthier than ever.

The grilling surface has a non-stick coating, which enables a mess-free cooking, so you don’t need to apply butter or oil. The coating enhances the durability of the cooking surface, and this is something you won’t see on the other regular indoor grills.


  • Precise and even bacon preparation.
  • Removes excess fat and oil.
  • It has a non-stick coating that eliminates the need for butter and oil.
  • Durable and ergonomic construction.
  • It has an adjustable floating hinge.


  • Only comes with one heating option.
  • The grilling surface is quite small.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Bacon Cooker

Now we have introduced our recommended brands, it is time to discuss some of the things you’ll need to consider before choosing one. Many of you will be curious about the very nature of a bacon cooker, and even if you are not, we encourage you to find out more about this device so that you can buy a product that’s worth your money.

Some people think that a bacon cooker is not a necessary tool. We wouldn’t blame them, as you can always use the traditional method of frying bacon in a pan. But traditionals are not meant to last too long, and pan-frying is not always the best choice.

It is Safe

Let’s be straight with you. Frying can be an unhealthy way to cook your bacon. There are two reasons for this.

  • Firstly, frying doesn’t remove the unwanted fat and cholesterol in the meat.
  • Secondly, the cooking oil could become a recipe for danger. Just imagine all the fatalities and illnesses that have been caused by grease and oil.

We are not scaring you, we are just stating the facts. Yes. Pan-frying is the basic way of preparing bacon, but it doesn’t mean that it’s the best. Furthermore, we can guarantee that it is not the safest option for you.


Bacon cookers are a necessary invention, but there is nothing really sophisticated about the device. In fact, it is just a simple assistive tool for preparing bacon. The device’s rack system means you can cook several bacon strips at the same time. It isn’t a cooking mechanism on its own as you need to insert it into an oven or a microwave.

There is no need for oil and you can be sure all the excess fat and cholesterol will dry out. It is a simple cooking procedure since there is no need to pay attention to the bacon. Just shove the bacon cooker on and your job is already done!

As this isn’t a complex mechanism, there are only a few things you should pay attention to when shopping for the product. They are:

Grill or Cooking Racks

There are two options to choose from. 

  • The first is the bacon grill, which effectively removes the fat and oil from the bacon. This device usually runs on electricity, so there is no need for assistance from your microwave or oven.
  • The other option is the cooking rack, which is the standard construction of the bacon cooker. It is a simple tool with a series of slots for the bacon rashers. This is just an assistive device, so you will definitely need a microwave to cook the bacon, and it is much cheaper than the bacon grill.


You should always pay attention to the quality of the bacon cooker’s construction. If you are buying a cooking tray, make sure that its body is sturdy enough to handle the heat inside the microwave, and don’t choose one that breaks or dents easily as it is potentially dangerous.

You should also check if the material is free from BPAs and other harmful chemicals. With any kitchen amenity, always take the time to find out if it’s passed the quality control standards. If it hasn’t, then do not buy it.


Not all bacon cookers have the same capacity. Some can handle eight bacon strips in one go. Others use a stacking system so that they can cook up to thirty pieces of bacon at one time.

Always bear in mind how many people you are going to feed. Just ask yourself, if you are alone or living with your family? Just answer this question and you will quickly know which model you should choose.


The size is also an important factor in choosing a bacon cooker. Will it fit in your oven or just become a nuisance? Again, you are the only one who can answer this question.

Our Ratings

Final Verdict

We are hoping that this article has helped you to decide which bacon cooker to choose, or has convinced you to get one in future. We are not doing this for profit. At the end of the day, it is your prerogative if you are going to buy or not. From our end, just want to share infomation about the convenience and benefits that a bacon cooker provides.

After looking at all the featured products, we deem that the Emson Bacon Wave Microwave Bacon Cooker is the best bacon cooker. It has a simple design that can cater for the needs of most household sizes. It is pretty durable and ergonomic as well. The fact that it prepares bacon quickly and healthily has convinced us that this is the best bacon cooker you can get!

For those of you looking for an innovative choice, the Hamilton Beach 3-in-1 MultiGrill is the best option.

And for a budget-friendly option, check out the Presto Bacon Microwave Cooker.

Did you learn from this article? Did we miss out a bacon cooker that’s worthy of being mentioned? If so, tell us all about it in the comment section below!