How To Make A Milkshake Without A Blender? It's Simple As 1,2,3!

Thirsty for something that’s cold and creamy? It’s very frustrating when you long for a milkshake, especially when you’re somewhere that doesn’t sell any. But if you’re craving is strong enough, you tend to beat the odds.

You have bought all the ingredients and are now desperate to create one, but how do you make a milkshake without a blender? 

Well, you do not need to depend on machines because it is totally cool to make milkshakes without a blender! Don’t worry, you can make it in no time. Do you want me to let you into a secret? I’ll teach you how to make it!


How To Make A Milkshake Without A Blender?

A milkshake is basically just a cold beverage. It’s a mixture of your favorite ice cream, fruit or sweets, blended in with a generous amount of milk. You just need to give it a quick whisk and enjoy it!

Machines can make a milkshake quickly and ensure it’s thoroughly blended, but we can also make it without a blender, and I’ll teach you how!

What You Will Need

  • Your favorite milk.
  • Ice cream, any flavor you love.
  • Whipping cream and flavorings (optional).
  • Any container with a lid (drink shaker or a mason jar).
  • Bowl.
  • Ice cream scoop.
  • Mortar and pestle.
  • Spoon.
  • Straw.
  • Whisk.
  • Glasses.

Without the blender, we can use either a container with a lid or just a bowl. I’ll show you how to make it by using these two methods, starting with the container.

Using A Container With A Lid

1. Get any container with a lid to shake your ingredients effectively. A drink shaker is a great alternative. Make sure the lid is tight enough to prevent the liquid from spilling.

  • As we’re going to make a milkshake, the drink shaker is the best to use. If you don’t have one, a mason jar or any bottle with a cover will do. If you only have a bottle, mix the milk and the powder ingredients inside it first of all. You can add the ice cream later on.

2. Ice cream first. Scoop the amount of ice cream that’s needed into your container. You can dip your scooper into hot water to make it’s easier to scoop the ice cream. A light ice cream mix is recommended for this method. Thick ice cream can make a rich milkshake, but it’s hard to blend it just by shaking.

The good thing about light ice cream is that it results in a fluffy milkshake that is fun for the kids!

  • How can you make ice cream that’s easy to scoop and mix? Set aside the ice cream at room temperature for an average of 15 minutes. It is a quicker method if you heat it in the microwave for around 20 seconds.
  • Don’t have any ice cream? Frozen yogurt is a healthy substitute and you don’t need to wait at all, as it’s already soft at room temperature. So go for it!
  • Homemade ice cream is also a perfect replacement. Apart from being tasty, it’s nice and soft to mix.

3. Pour your milk in. Pour the milk into the container, right on top of the ice cream. The exact ratio should be 3:1 (ice cream: milk).

  • If you are adding a powder ingredient, mix it first with your milk before pouring it into the container.
  • The thickness and lightness of the ice cream principle also holds true with the milk.

4. Now add the rest of your favorite ingredients. We can’t help ourselves when it comes to being deliciously creative. If you plan to add fruits, jelly, candies or chocolates, pour them right into the milk.

  • It’s best to first of all cut the ingredients into small pieces. If they are fruits, you can slice them into desirable bite-sized portions. If you have candies and chocolate, it is better to mash them up into small tidbits. The smaller the pieces, the easier it is to mix them with the other ingredients.

5. Stir the ingredients inside your container. Before closing the lid, stir the ingredients inside, mixing gently at first, and finally shake. Then, when you’ve stirred them with your spoon, you will have blended all the ingredients together and made the ice cream soft.

Stop stirring when there are no more lumps.

6. It’s time to shake! Place the lid on your container and start giving it a good shake to blend all the ingredients inside.

How do you shake it? It’s just like mixing a cocktail. Hold the top and bottom of the container with both hands and shake it in an up and down movement. This usually takes less than a minute of shaking.

If you think this isn’t enough, extend it a little bit more, but don’t do it for too long. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a watery milkshake.

7. Enjoy your milkshake. When you’ve finished shaking the container, take the cover off, dip a straw in and sip it.

  • If it’s too thin, add another scoop of ice cream.
  • If it’s too thick, pour in more milk and shake once more!


Making Milkshake Using A Bowl

1. Choose a large bowl that can hold all of your ingredients and have enough room for you to stir with ease.

  • An electric mixer is perfect for this, as it blends everything together evenly and smoothly. But if you don’t have one, a simple whisk will do.

2. Step #2 using a container applies.

3. Step #3 using a container applies.

4. Mix all your ingredients together in a bowl. You can opt to make your milkshake chunkier or smoother. If you like the chunky type, choose the spoon to blend it. If you want a smoother consistency, use the whisk.

5. Test the consistency. Taste your milkshake. Do you like the texture? You can add milk to thin it out or add more ice cream to make it creamier!

6. Pour your milkshake into your prepared glasses. Enjoy your milkshake right away. If you take too long to drink it, it’ll melt and what’s left will look like a soup of ice cream.

  • Want a little tip? Chill your glasses in the fridge while making your milkshake as it makes your drink colder.
  • A nice whipping cream would make a grand finale. Now dig in your straw and sip! Enjoy!

Other Options

OK, so you don’t have a blender, but your excellent kitchen is blessed enough to possess other awesome appliances! Here are some other alternatives that are fully capable of making milkshakes.

  • Food Processor – A powerful food processor is designed to carry out tough functions. Just drop all the ingredients in, start the pulse function and in a few seconds, it’s done. You can even add in frozen ice cream!
  • Drink Mixer – This machine is definitely designed to make milkshakes. As sophisticated as it is, it offers light and fluffy shakes with consistent smoothness.
  • Stick Blender – This is more of a hand blender but still makes milkshake as great as the big appliances do. You can use the bowl method and then use this blender to whisk the ingredients.
  • Electric Mixer – This is not just for baking, although mixing the milkshake’s ingredients is a piece of cake with this machine. Just be sure that the ice cream is soft enough for mixing.

While you use these powerful appliances for your milkshake, it’s a good idea to prepare your syrup or favorite toppings that you wish to add at the end. If not, they will get blended in and disappear into the puree of your milkshake.

Here’s a video that shows you how to make a milkshake without a blender:

It does not matter how often you crave a milkshake, you can always make one at home at any time. I tell you, milkshakes and smoothies are really good for late night snacks, especially if it’s really hot! Try it our sometime with your kids. The next thing you’ll know, you’ll be making them more often than you planned to!

It’s sometimes fun to not worry about the calories and all that stuff. Just let go and enjoy every moment to the max. Plus, by not using a blender, you’ll be making less mess. Don’t you think so?

It’s true that food can make everyone happy. It often makes good memories that you can look back on. And it’s the reason why you need to pay more for your gym membership. Huh! But, it’s worth the workout, isn’t it?

Did you have fun making your milkshake today? Please share this experience with everybody you know and teach them how to make a milkshake without a blender. Then this secret won’t be a secret anymore!