Can You Freeze Coffee Creamer To Extend Its Shelf Life?

Can you freeze coffee creamer? Such an interesting question should not be left unanswered. After all, we are talking about the stuff that makes our coffee taste better and richer than ever before!

The answer is a resounding yes. You can always freeze a coffee creamer. The manufacturers have stated that it’s safe to do so, which is exciting news, right?

There are two types of coffee creamer today: the powdered and the liquid kind. The powdered creamer (non-dairy) doesn’t require freezing, as it will remain a top quality product for as long as 24 months, providing that it is properly sealed and then placed in a storage area at room temperature.

A liquid coffee creamer, on the other hand, does benefit from freezing and can be either refrigerated or frozen to ensure that it won’t go bad quickly. If you tend to stockpile this kind of creamer, then you’ll need to know all of the procedures that can further extend its lifespan. 


Freeze Your Coffee Creamer

How Long Does A Coffee Creamer Last?

There are several factors that can affect the shelf life of a coffee creamer, such as the packaging date, methods of processing, and its exposure to the elements. The storing method is also important.

Most of the coffee creamers today have a “use by date” on the label, which is near to the expiry date of the product. If the coffee creamer has already exceeded its expiry date, then you should dispose of it immediately. But if you can store it in your refrigerator, an unopened coffee creamer can last for as long as 5 days to a week.

If the coffee creamer has been opened, it will last for 2 to 3 weeks if stored in your refrigerator (considering that it has already exceeded its “use by date” label).

Of course, the lifespan of coffee creamers will inevitably decrease if you do not seal or store them properly. You should never let the product sit in a place where it is exposed to sunlight, heat, moisture, or air, as all of these elements can eventually cause changes in the chemical properties of the creamer, making it rot quickly.

Just like coffee beans need the protection of a quality canister, your coffee creamer requires an appropriate container too. It should be airtight, so that air can’t pass through it, and be able to protect the contents from heat and other damaging elements. 

How To Freeze A Coffee Creamer

Freezing coffee creamer is not difficult at all. But don’t keep the creamer in its original container because it will be too difficult to scoop out.

You could let the frozen liquid thaw inside your refrigerator, but the process would take as long as one to two days, which is just not practical. However, if you divide it into a number of different portions and use the ice cube trays to freeze the liquid coffee creamer, then the process will be nice and easy for you. One ice cube of coffee creamer should be sufficient for a single cup of coffee. Here’s what you do:

  • Carefully pour the coffee creamer into the ice cube trays (Make sure before you start that you have enough trays to cater for your need). Once you’ve finished pouring, put the trays in the freezer. Then wait for two to three hours to ensure that the creamer is frozen.
  • The next step here is to remove the iced coffee creamer and put it in resealable plastic bags. Before sealing the bag, squeeze it first to expel the air inside. This will further prolong the lifespan of the frozen creamer. Then use a marker to label the plastic bags with the storage date.
  • A frozen creamer can last for up to four to six months. You can always let it thaw before you use it in your coffee. Alternatively, you could use your microwave to melt the frozen coffee creamer. If you plan to drink the coffee cold, you don’t have to thaw the product. But if you want your drink to be scalding hot, then melt the creamer first, as putting cold coffee creamer into a hot liquid will make the coffee’s temperature plummet rapidly.

You should never use coffee creamer that’s gone off, as you could end up with an aching stomach or diarrhea.

How To Tell If Your Coffee Creamer Has Gone Bad

You can assess the freshness of the coffee creamer by pouring it directly into the coffee. Whether its white coffee or traditional coffee, this test should work the same. Once you have noticed that the creamer does not integrate well into the coffee, it is a sure sign that the product is nearing its expiration date. If it forms bubbly circles or curdles, then don’t delay and throw it down the sink immediately.

The smell is another big giveaway. Coffee creamer that’s going bad produces a foul or sour smell when you add it to your coffee. Therefore, if you can suddenly smell a pungent odor coming from your favorite coffee brew, dispose of the creamer immediately as there is no point in keeping it in your kitchen. It will just turn into unnecessary clutter.


Can you freeze coffee creamer? Of course, you can! Although this method is not conventional, it is still very effective. If they are properly stored, liquid non-dairy coffee creamers have a lengthy shelf life, which can be further extended by freezing them.

I am glad that I have discovered this trick, as it is an inexpensive and non-intrusive way of preparing coffee creamers. It can also make you giggle. After all, who would have thought that you could turn your coffee creamer into frozen delight?

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