5 Best Springform Pans For Baking Cheesecake And Delicate Pastries

The best springform pan allows you to make the best cheesecakes out there. With their detachable sides and bottom they are made for this recipe. But apart from cheesecake, the pan can also be used to bake chocolate cakes, tortes, and many other types of delectable pastries.

Most of the springform pans that you see today feature a semicircular base. In addition, the sides conform to the shape of the base, so that they can be locked with a special latch. This design is the probable reason why this pan got its name in the first place. Once the cooking is done, you can unlock the latch. This simple mechanism proves that every cake lover should have this tool in their kitchen.

I love the flexibility of this baking item and generally use it as a utility cake pan. There are a variety of springform pans that you can see on the market today which all differ in various ways, from the material they are made out of to their color and size.

I have listed some of the best options you can get for springform pans, each of which have their own respective features. Therefore, make sure you check them all out so that you can decide which one of them will meet your own personal requirements and needs. 


Springform Pan: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Best Springform Pans: My Top Recommendations

1. MaMix Springform Baking Pan Set – Editor’s Pick

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This set of rounded springform pans can elevate your ability to bake cheesecakes, tortes, and streusel-topped cake. It is among the few springform pans on the market and can consistently deliver quality desserts with less hassle and less mess. The base of this tool is particularly strong as it has been reinforced for increased durability and rigidity. It is also seamless, which allows it to deliver a leak-proof performance.

This pan comes with a double layer of non-stick coating on its base, so there is no need to flour it before you put in your ingredients. As a result, the contents won’t stick and form the annoying kind of clingy residue that we all find very difficult to remove. It is also oven safe, with a tolerable temperature of around 445 degrees Fahrenheit or 230 degrees Celsius.

The base and sides of the MaMix Springform Baking Pan Set are all made out of high-carbon steel, which has passed the FDA standards. This guarantees that the material is food safe, so there is no need to concern yourself about toxic materials. It also comes with a stainless steel latch that provides foolproof sealing and closure. This enables you to handle the pans nice and easily. Just as importantly, the edge of these springform pans prevents the ingredients from dripping out, and you can release the lock without any of the mess coming out.

What I really like about these pans, however, is they are suitable for both right-handed and left-handed individuals, and their design means you can hold them with enough grip and balance to make them a delight to cook with. This is an excellent feature if you are clumsy or have a weak clutch due to disabling conditions like arthritis.

  • It comes with a removable honeycomb-surface bottom.
  • The double layer of non-stick coating means you do not need to apply flour.
  • Has a leak-proof, no-drip design.
  • The red coating of the pan has an LFGB certification (it contains no toxic material).
  • A quick-releasing latch allows you to get your baked goods easily.


  • There were no drawbacks.

2. Norpro Silicone 9-Inch Springform Pan – Runner-Up

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The Norpro Silicone Springform Pan may not be as ergonomically advanced as the MaMix Springform Baking Pan. However, it is capable of producing quality baked recipes in the convenience of your own kitchen. It is perhaps the simplicity of the Norpro Springform Pan that draws a lot of pastry lovers to it. It has a diameter of 9 inches, which is suitable for home usage.

This item features a detachable silicone ring to help you easily remove or take out any delicate desserts you have baked, so you don’t have to scoop out the cake from the pan, which can prove to be a taxing operation. This type of intuitive design will save you time and means your cake will come out nice and smoothly in one piece, instead of being destroyed.

The baking efficiency of this item is unquestionable, and despite its simple design, it has excellent heat resistance that is similar to the first springform pan that I featured in this article. It can work on temperatures that are as high as 450 degrees Fahrenheit. This is an impressive feat, as such a high heat level is ideal for the baking of cheesecakes.

When testing this product, I noticed it comes with a tempered glass bottom. At first, I was quite flustered about this because my initial thought was that glass is still glass, but after using it, I realized this rugged material does not warp or become volatile when exposed to high temperatures. The tempered glass platform can also serve as a cutting platform and serving plate, so you will not have to use extra plates anymore.


  • It is a dishwasher-safe tool.
  • The pan has removable sides for the quick and efficient removal of food.
  • Comes with a rugged but aesthetically appealing tempered glass bottom.
  • Provides high-heat resistance.
  • Its sealing prevents any leakages from happening.


  • It tends to bend the crust of your cakes (if you ever make one).
  • The center takes time to bake.

3. Hiware 7-Inch Non-Stick Springform Pan – Best Bang For Your Bucks

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Even if you are on a budget, this doesn’t mean that you can’t get a legitimate springform pan for making cheesecake. The Hiware 7-Inch Non-stick Springform Pan provides convincing proof of this. It is a great baking item that can effectively cradle any delicate cakes and pastry recipe. Although it is smaller than most of the pans, you cannot belittle either its quality or design.

The pan’s compact construction makes it a perfect product to use at home. If you have a small oven, then this is definitely the best choice for you. It has the necessary ergonomics to ensure that your cake will be baked and served properly. The pan comes with a panel with a latching side, so that you can remove your sensitive streusel cakes, but this product’s biggest deal-sealer is its non-stick coating.

Despite its meager price, the Hiware Springform Pan provides an authentic coating that will keep all of those sticky ingredients from clinging to its surface. Apart from giving you mess-free preparation, the non-stick surface will ensure that you won’t spend too much time handwashing it afterwards.

Of course, I would never recommend this springform pan if it was not a food-safe product. Fortunately, it is BPA, PTFE, and PFOA free, and will never cause unwanted odors, even if you expose it to high temperatures. Speaking of which, this tool is oven-safe up to a temperature of 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Therefore, it even matches some high-end springform pans.


  • The small size makes it perfect for compact cooking and storage.
  • It comes with a double layer of non-stick coating.
  • Your baked goods can be released easily with its buckle.
  • Has a food-safe and chemical-free construction.
  • Seals off the ingredients properly.


  • The non-stick surface is quite susceptible to damage.
  • It requires the constant wiping of cooking oil on it.

4. Farberware Nonstick Bakeware 9-Inch Round Springform Pan – For Those Who Can Afford It

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There is nothing wrong with investing in something that will last a long time in your kitchen. If you are planning to set up a small cake business, then heavy-duty tools are a necessity. For a restaurant-grade option, you should consider the Farberware Round Springform Pan. This bakeware is constructed from industrial-grade steel for guaranteed longevity and ruggedness.

Because of its high level of engineering, the bakeware is impervious to warping and it does not rust or corrode, thanks to the protective coating. It also has a chemical-free composition as there are no BPAs or other harmful elements included in the manufacturing of this pan. Therefore, your baked recipes will always be safe with this pan.

Both the inside and outside surface of the Farberware Round Springform Pan has a non-stick coating so you will never have a hard time cleaning it. The surface is noticeably smooth, enabling you to prepare mouth-watering cakes. It can also evenly brown cakes because the pan distributes the heat equally, while the latch on the sides ensures the ingredients will never spill out.

Just like the rest of the items here, this springform pan has a heat resistance of up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. It is oven-safe and will never cause funny smells. The pan’s large size means it is ideal for people with large appetites who require big servings. Therefore, it is the perfect pan for those special events and gatherings!


  • Its capable of producing evenly-baked cakes.
  • Perfect closure prevents the ingredients from spilling out.
  • Its heavy-duty design can resist unwanted scratches and dents.
  • Doesn’t warp throughout its years of usage.
  • Food-safe construction.


  • There were no noticeable drawbacks.

5. Wilton 3-Piece Mini Springform Pans – Best Springform Pans For Compactness

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Some of you might be looking for a compact springform pan that will not use up space on your kitchen counter. Or maybe you just want a small pan that can make cheesecakes just for you. Regardless of the reason, the Wilton Mini Springform Pans are perfect for your needs. With a dimension of around 4 inches, these are among the smallest pans I have ever tried.

But despite their size, these pans are both functional and ergonomic. Each of them has a latch that stops the ingredients from spilling out in the baking process. Their surfaces also have a non-stick coating, which is essential for compact springform pans. Since it is hard to remove the food through tight spaces, the surface will enable quick food release and easy cleaning.

You can even combine the pans so that you make three layers of cakes, which will serve you well on special occasions, such as birthdays and holiday parties. The construction of the pan is sturdy and stable. As these pans are crafted from stainless-steel material they are food safe, as well as dishwasher safe, and the design is so fluid, you don’t have to oil the surface before using them.


  • Provides a leak-proof performance.
  • All of the surfaces have a reinforced non-stick coating.
  • It is not susceptible to warping.
  • Has high-temperature resistance.
  • Allows the quick release of food.


  • The pans are too small to create “standard” cake sizes.
  • They may not come in perfect circular shapes.

How To Choose The Best Springform Pan

When we talk about springform pans, cheesecakes always come to mind. Whether it is a strawberry cheesecake or any other variant, you can make them perfectly with this bakeware.

However, despite this, you can also use the pan on any tart or cake that cannot be flipped before it is removed. It also comes with sides that are actually separated from the base and are only connected with the help of a latch. Once the latch is removed, the baked cakes can be easily released.

But for me, the real essence of a springform pan is that it enables you to create delicate recipes, such as icebox cakes and flourless cakes. These baked goods need to be frozen before they can stand on their own.

Because there are a lot of springform pans on the market today, which come in different shape, sizes and constructions, it can be difficult to choose the best ones. In fact, the amount of choice is sometimes baffling.

The best way to narrow down your options is to gain an in-depth understanding of the product and get to know all of the essential features that these pans will need in order to serve your baking needs. By becoming a wise consumer, you will save yourself a lot of time and money.

Here are the factors that determine what makes the best quality springform pan:

Leak-Proof Performance

Perhaps the most crucial feature is leak-proofing. The ingredients should be kept inside as much as possible during the baking process, as it is an awful sight to see the ingredients leak out and spread throughout your oven. Moreover, the pan should also prevent water from escaping. Otherwise, a water bath can form.

Many manufacturers claim that their products are leak-proof, but honestly, they are not. When professionals say leak-proof, they mean the springform leaks to a very minimal extent. You should expect that some brands leak more than others. If there are exceptions, these are few and far between.

Because of this fact, I recommend that you always wrap the outside base of the springform with some oven-safe aluminum foil, which will stop the spilt ingredients from spreading out. As long as you do this, you can stop your cake from appearing too soggy. 


All bakeware should have a decent construction, as you are going to expose this item to high-temperature levels. If they are made from a flimsy material, they could warp and break.

When looking for a springform pan, you should always inspect its latch. This component is the linchpin that holds the base and the sides together. If it has a feeble design, you can expect many spillages to take place. The latch should operate smoothly and hold the entire springform pan into a sealed piece. Also, don’t forget that the latch should be rust-resistant as well.

Meanwhile, the bottom of the pan should be sturdy enough to resist the heat that is coming from below. Overall, the prescribed temperature tolerance that a springform pan should have is around 450 degrees Fahrenheit. If the pan that you are using can function on such a level of heat, then it is a good unit. There are other pans that allow you to use their bases as serving plates. This feature is perfect for extremely delicate cakes.

The product should have a moderate weight because weighted pans can bake cakes as gently as possible and create visible crusts that slightly protrude outside. This adds appeal to the food. 


Did you know that the color of the pan actually affects its cooking efficiency? If you want to bake something fast, you will need to get pans with a darker color as these absorb heat. Therefore, they are a good conductor of heat and the ideal choice for starters.

On the other hand, pans with a light color will take more time to bake the food because of their intrinsic heat-reflecting properties. They can still make your favorite cheesecakes, but it will take more time to bake. Fortunately, this recipe requires slow baking, so an extra five to ten minutes in the kitchen is not a bad thing.

When making delicate cakes and pastries, always remember that time should be your friend. You don’t need to rush the recipe or things will turn out bad for you. So going with a light colored pan is not really a setback. Depending on your skills, you can even take advantage of such a delay. In fact, you should avoid pans that are too dark because they can lead to overcooking, and you don’t want to eat a burned cake, right? 

Non-Stick Coating

Another essential feature is a non-stick coating that will enable you to handle delicate recipes with precision and care. If the springform pan doesn’t have this quality, working with it will be very difficult. Flour, egg, and cake batters are sticky ingredients and tend to stick on any surfaces. You know what I am talking about here.

Since you are making “sensitive” recipes, it is crucial that the containers should be “gentle”. Otherwise, they will get damaged, especially if you are going to remove the sides of the pan.

Some of the coating that manufacturers apply also acts as a reinforcement that further solidifies the construction of the bakeware, so that it can resist scratches, dents and other common forms of damage. The non-stick coating also enables you to clean the item easily.

There is a notion that non-stick cookware is dangerous. A lot of people think that Teflon is a distributor of carcinogens (cancer-causing compounds), but there have been many studies that have disproved these claims. Furthermore, springform pans don’t even use Teflon. Manufacturers usually use a special proprietary formulation to protect their bakeware.

Beating The Competition

At the end of the day, you will realize that springform pans are essential tools for baking. Regardless of what brand or unit you choose, they will provide you the right platform to bake delicate yet mouth-watering cakes and recipes. Having these cakes has the added benefit of reducing the waste of ingredients and the amount of food clutter.

I have featured several springform pans here so that you can have a handful of options to choose from. The best of them is the MaMix Springform Baking Pan Set, which gives a remarkable performance. It has a solid and intuitive design that ensures its long-lasting durability. It can distribute heat evenly so that your cake can achieve perfection. Leaking is not a problem either with this baking tool. All in all, it is an excellent pan with all the essential features and, therefore, deserves the spotlight.

But what do you think? Which of these options do you think deserves to be called the best springform pan? Did I miss anything? Give me your answers in the comments section below!

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