Raving For Ravioli? The Best Ravioli Maker Will Help You Out! (2022)

Most us think that making ravioli is a walk in the park. You just place a pasta sheet on a clean surface, pour in the fillings, and cover it again with another pasta sheet. Next, slice the ravioli with a pizza knife or any other knife and the dish is complete! Sounds easy, right?

However, there is one minor complication in the middle of this process that every ravioli maker is aware of. Slicing the ravioli is often difficult, especially if you are looking to do the cutting nice and evenly. It is annoying when you end up slicing less of the filling and more of the pasta, and we should not forget that ravioli has a tendency to break when we cook it.

Because of these cooking travails, it is important that you have the best ravioli maker in your kitchen. In fact, they are perhaps our only guarantee that the process of making this delicious pasta treat will not go wrong as this particular device can ensure that your homemade ravioli will always be of the finest quality.

This device is a boon because it provides a much better distribution of the pasta and the filling. It can also help you by minimizing any waste of dough or other cooking ingredients in the recipe. Furthermore, the product will prove its worth by providing you with perfectly made and cut ravioli that has just the right consistency.

If you want this kind of convenience in your kitchen – and I am pretty sure that you are secretly craving it right now! – then you have definitely come to the right place to find out more. To help you make your choice, I have gathered a few of the most impressive ravioli makers on the market today. Check them out below!


Ravioli Maker Buying Guide

Best Ravioli Makers: My Top Picks

1. VonShef Pasta Maker

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It’s always been my policy to start with the best when I write about products in this blog. So here it is – the VonShef Pasta Maker. This is a resounding name in the world of ravioli makers as it can make a wide variety of pasta recipes. The device can also be adjusted so that it creates different types of pasta with varying thickness. You can also modify its setup so that it kneads and rolls pasta too!

The VonShef Pasta Maker is a compact piece of equipment that is surprisingly rugged and durable. The unique mounting system makes it stable, so you can be sure this device won’t slip while you are using it. You can easily clamp the product to any surface and its ergonomic design ensures that your ravioli will be the right size and in perfect proportion. It also helps out by reducing the mess and residues that are often generated throughout the preparation process. Because this device runs so smoothly, it always ensures that all of your ingredients are used to the maximum.

The VonShef Pasta Maker is well-made and its durable, stainless steel construction guarantees that it will not rust or start to corrode. It therefore has a ruggedness that you will not find in most of its counterparts in the same price range. This device is also easy to clean and maintain, which means you can enjoy making your ravioli and pasta recipes without having to do much washing up afterwards.

This pasta maker is capable of making four large raviolis with generously spaced pockets in a single cook. It can seal the ravioli pretty tightly too, and better still, the pasta will not break when you cook it. 


  • The stainless steel construction make this device both food-safe and rust-proof.
  • It is rugged and durable design for enhanced longevity.
  • The table clamp provides a stable mounting design.
  • The device can make various pasta recipes, as well as ravioli.
  • It provides mess-free production and operation.


  • Its thickness adjustment should be labeled.
  • The clamp cannot fit on some countertops.

2. KitchenAid Ravioli Maker

Image from Amazon.com

The next best device after the VonShef Pasta Maker is this wonderful cookware from KitchenAid. It is an impressive piece of culinary equipment that will ensure you make high-quality ravioli that looks great. Since this is an attachment, you can easily attach it to any KitchenAid Stand Mixer. If you do not have one of these devices yet, I urge you to try it. It has already become one of the centerpieces of my kitchen.

Once you affix the attachment hub of the stand mixer to the ravioli maker, making ravioli will be as easy as reciting the alphabet. It produces fresh, evenly sliced ravioli quickly and smoothly. The roller of this attachment is wide, which means it can create pasta sheets that are around 6 inches wide. Each of these sheets is big enough to hold three rows of pockets for the ravioli, which you can then conveniently fill with cheese, meat or other delicious fillings. The filling scoop allows you to evenly distribute the ingredients up to the edges of the pocket, and a roller crimp has been included in the package that provides a foolproof way of sealing the ravioli pockets.

The device also comes with a cleaning brush, which ensures that you can create ravioli without being too messy. It cleverly expels the pasta and flour residues that are usually lurking in the tight corners of the attachment. Of course, cleaning this machinery is easy as well. Finally, all of the parts are both well-made and food-safe, making it the ideal partner for your ravioli adventures. 


  • High-quality construction (no cheap parts are included).
  • It ensures the proper distribution of filling throughout the ravioli pockets.
  • Cuts and seals the ravioli perfectly.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Capable of making large pasta sheets.


  • Has no distinguishable downsides.

3. William & Douglas 4-Piece Ravioli Maker Set

Image from Amazon.com

When it comes to ravioli maker packages, the William & Douglas 4-Piece Ravioli Maker Set is hard to beat. This deal provides you with all the amenities that you need to make fresh, restaurant-worthy ravioli in the convenience of your own home. From the roller to the stamp, this ravioli maker set has it all. In fact, this particular package has become the benchmark for a myriad of kitchen chefs. And as it is not as costly as most of its counterparts, the William & Douglas 4-Piece Ravioli Maker Set is certainly the item to get!

Despite being inexpensive, it is a high-quality product, as all of its components feature intuitiveness and quality. For instance, the size of the rolling pin is perfect for handling ravioli and other delicate pasta recipes. It is not too big and so has the control that you need to make these pasta dishes.

Every part is made out of a combination of stainless steel and hardwood. The hardwood is quite a unique sight and has a number of benefits. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, but it also provides you with absolute bacterial protection. The hardwood has been furnished properly too, so holding it will not strain your hands at all.

When it comes to performance, I am more than satisfied with this product. I particularly love how it stamps the ravioli. In fact, it provides two stamps (circular and square) to vary the appearance of your pasta. It can also make seamless seals to prevent the ingredients from breaking out of the pasta. 


  • Has a bacteria-proof construction.
  • It is durable with food-safe parts.
  • Its usability and functionality will suit amateur users.
  • Features a ravioli-making guide.
  • Cleaning the items is very easy.


  • It is not dishwasher safe (all of the parts will need to be hand-washed).

4. Norpro Ravioli Maker With Press

Image from Amazon.com

For those who want to have a simple approach to making ravioli, the Norpro Ravioli Maker is a good choice for you. Unlike most of the units that I have featured here, the Norpro Ravioli Maker does not need the help of a pasta maker. If you have a rolling pin in your kitchen, then you won’t have to worry about anything. Despite the simplicity of its setup, this ravioli maker can still produce satisfying, high-quality ravioli.

The maker is built out of food-grade plastic. Now, I know that some of you are skeptical about any cookware that is made out of plastic, but please make this device an exception. I can assure you that the manufacturer has made sure the plastic does not harm the flavor or quality of the ravioli, and it won’t affect the taste or odor of the food either. Moreover, it is durable, so there’s nothing to worry about here.

This ravioli maker is capable of producing twelve perfectly sliced ravioli pockets. These pockets are adequately sized so that the fillings and ingredients won’t spill out. You don’t have to worry about sealing the ravioli either. Just roll the rolling pin over the top of the surface and the pasta will be nicely sealed. If you are unsure of what to do, do not fret as the Norpro Ravioli Maker features an instructional guide that will help you to make this recipe.

If this model is too small for your needs, then I would recommend that you check out the jumbo version of this product. Both versions have the same design and concept. The only difference is the size of the pockets. You will love both of these options!


  • Simple interface and operation.
  • Food-safe construction.
  • Still capable of making evenly sized ravioli.
  • Features both a jumbo and mini version.
  • Comes with an instructional manual.


  • It is not dishwasher safe.
  • Some people prefer ravioli makers that are complete with the essential amenities.

5. Bellemain Large Ravioli Maker

Image from Amazon.com

Last but not least is this high-quality item from Bellemain. It is a good choice to purchase if have events or gatherings coming up where you will need extra large ravioli to feed the guests, as this device can create up to twelve pockets to stuff your favorite fillings in. As far as I can remember, this item is capable of making fat, mess-free restaurant-grade ravioli.

The metal-cutting frame that comes with the product seals the ravioli in tightly and seamlessly, so you don’t have to spend hours in the kitchen fussing over the ravioli with water and egg. Just a smooth roll with a rolling pin will tighten the seal even further, so that the pasta won’t get damaged during the cooking process.

Of course, the construction of the Bellemain Large Ravioli Maker is magnificent too. All of its parts are food-safe so you can be sure won’t interact with the ingredients. You will always be able to taste authentic ravioli with this product. When it comes to durability, the Bellemain can last for a long time. Providing you clean it constantly, it should not wear out quickly.


  • Has a food-safe construction.
  • The perfect choice for making large helpings of ravioli.
  • Can seal the pasta seamlessly.
  • Protects the ravioli from being damaged throughout the cooking.
  • An affordable option.


  • It is quite tricky to remove the pasta from the mold.

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Should You Get A Ravioli Maker?

Nowadays, we are quite used to buying commercial ravioli. This is okay, but if you are a true lover of this delicious kind of pasta, you will know the difference between fresh ravioli and the commercial variety.

Initially, many people feel daunted about making their own ravioli because of how difficult the process is. As I mentioned in the earlier section, it is hard to achieve the right flavor, proportion and slicing. In the past, creating this pasta recipe required skill, experience, and training. But with the advent of ravioli makers and pasta makers, these ordeals have now become antiquated.

Cookware like lasagna pans and ravioli makers typically serve one purpose: to make cooking these specialty recipes easier. Yes, it is true that you can still make them by using ordinary means, but it will not be a smooth and easy process. One way or another, you will encounter difficulties along the way.

However, does this mean that ravioli makers are an essential component? Honestly, there are two sides to the argument that we have to consider here:

  • Firstly, let me emphasize again that ravioli is a specialty recipe. Therefore, you need to have a specific knowledge of the ins and outs of this delicacy. After all, a ravioli maker will be useless if you are clueless about how to make this recipe.
  • Secondly, it might me more expensive to make homemade ravioli than buy it. The same applies to other types of pasta. This is a known fact that you should take into account. 

If you love homemade ravioli, like it’s a reward, then these considerations might mean nothing to you. If it is done properly, homemade ravioli is extremely delicious and you can guarantee it will be free from allergy-causing food.

The quality of the ravioli you cook depends on the skills and amenities that you have, and a ravioli maker will allow you to create ravioli with both minimal waste and maximum precision. 

Considerations When Choosing The Best Ravioli Maker

If you are convinced that getting a ravioli maker is a good investment, then you should check out this section. I will highlight all of the essential factors that determine the quality of a high-quality ravioli maker.

Type Of Ravioli Maker

There are two types of ravioli makers that you can spot on the market today: automatic and manual ravioli makers. I believe there is no point getting an automatic ravioli maker as we are just talking about homemade ravioli here. You should not get an automatic or electric ravioli maker unless you are interested in establishing a commercial ravioli business.

Now, don’t get me wrong here, electric ravioli makers are great. They have the finesse and functionality that enable you to create the best ravioli out there. However, there are also major downsides. Firstly, they are expensive. Secondly, they can require constant maintenance and repairs since they’re electrically operated, and so I believe they are only a practical purchase if you are planning to enter the world of commercial ravioli making.

Therefore, manual ravioli makers are the best choice for simple folk like us. The products I listed earlier are all manual devices because they are significantly cheaper than their electric counterparts. They are also precise and very usable, since you are the one who is in full control of them. 


The entire point of getting a ravioli maker is to ensure that you can create quality ravioli without having to do too much manual work. Any decent ravioli maker on the market can fulfill this function, so you do not need to worry too much.

Manual ravioli makers are not that hard to use, you just have to place one sheet of pasta into the mold and place the fillings in afterwards. Then cover it with another layer of the pasta sheet, before using a rolling pin or other assistive tool to seal the ravioli and cook it.

As you can see, the process is not really that difficult. You just have to know how much of the ingredients you will need to ensure that the fillings will not spill out from the sealing.

But take note that not all ravioli makers are created equal. That’s a given fact. Therefore, to spot the good ones, you will need to get to know all of their features, find out about their construction and make sure they offer the essential ergonomics that will make your life in the kitchen smooth and easy.

Ease Of Cleaning

Ravioli and the other types of pasta tend to produce a lot of residue in the crannies and nooks of the device. Although this is completely normal, such a sight gives us a headache.

A high-quality ravioli maker will allow you to clean it easily. Ideally, the device should be dishwasher safe so that it is easy to clean, or at the very least be hand-washable. It would also be great if some of the parts are detachable too, so that you can wash every individual part thoroughly. 

  • Tip: To have a clean workplace when preparing pasta, you will need a silicone baking mat that prevents the dough and pasta from spreading too much over your kitchen counter.

Final Verdict

If you are a huge fan of homemade ravioli, then you need to buy the best ravioli maker, as it will prove to be a complete game changer for you. This handy device will enable you to create a personalized ravioli recipe without having to worry too much about the process. Making ravioli the traditional way is both fussy and messy, but if you have an ergonomic ravioli maker in your kitchen, you will soon find that things become a whole lot more convenient for you.

Most of the ravioli makers that I have featured here in this article are great in their own right. They can simplify the process of making ravioli without compromising on either the taste or quality. One good example of this is the VonShef Pasta Maker. This device is the complete package which delivers a fast and waste-free performance. All of its parts are food safe too, so there is nothing to worry about.

Overall, I believe that ravioli makers are essential items in your kitchen. Some of you might doubt this, but I have seen the benefits of this device for myself. Just try investing in one and you will soon realize it is worth your time and money.

Was this article helpful to you? If you have any questions or suggestions, just leave them in the comments section below!