Taco Life: The Best Low Carb Mexican Recipes You Will Ever Have

Ask a bunch of people what their favorite food is and the chances are you will hear the word “Mexican” a lot. That will come as no surprise to those who have sampled the wonderful cuisine created by our friends south of the border. I mean, do you know anyone who does not have a story about Mexican food? Whether its a fantastic crunchy fish taco or a bad burrito that’s sent them scurrying to the bathroom, Mexican food has been a massive part of nearly everyone’s culinary journey. The rich history and culture of Mexican cuisine is further complemented by its symphony of flavors and eye-popping colors.

However, as good as Mexican food is, this cuisine is not without its critics. Not so much because of its taste, but because there are some people who deem it to be on the unhealthy side. But to be honest, most of these critics’ experiences of Mexican food have been limited to trips to Taco Bell and their local burrito parks. While it is true that Mexican food is not the healthiest of cuisines out there, there are still plenty of recipes that are as good for the body as they are for the gut.

One of the main problems is that Mexican food is heavily reliant on scrumptious carbs, which as we all know, are leading enemies of serious dieters. Since the main staples of Mexican food are rice, beans, and tortillas, it can be difficult to eat this cuisine without eating some serious carbs. But fear not fellow dieters, losing a few pounds does not mean that you need to part with your favorite enchilada. I am here to tell you that there are a lot of low carb Mexican recipes for you.

So put on your most festive sombrero and let’s cook some low carb Mexican dishes that are sure to shed some pounds for you.


Low Carb Mexican Recipes

1. Stuff Those Bell Peppers

Nothing screams Mexico more than some vibrant bell peppers. Just make an amazing Mexican beef chili using some lean ground beef, red onions, cremini mushrooms, cumin, chipotle chili, and tomato puree.

First, cut your bell peppers in half and scoop them out until only the skin remains. Then, fill them with your chili and garnish it with some grated cheese. These delightful meat bombs are sure to be a hit if you serve them up at your dinner parties.

For the full recipe, just click on this link. This dish is fairly easy to make. However, you should follow the recipe carefully. Chipotle chili is pretty potent when it comes to spiciness, so as any seasoned chef would tell you, “Taste as you cook!”. This is to ensure that smoke won’t be coming out of your ears when you take a mouthful of these babies. Enjoy them with some amazing pineapple punch and get ready to hear a mariachi band play on your head.

  • Pro Tip: Use green and red bell peppers for aesthetic purposes. It just looks more fun if you have a colorful plate!

2. Bacon That Guacamole!

Who has not tried a spoonful of amazing guacamole? What if I tell you that you can have this fantastic dish with a chock full of bacon? Well, there you go, tell your friends about this beautiful revelation.

Kidding aside, it’s time to get an amazing guacamole recipe that you can cook. If you still don’t have one yet, just click on this link and it will take you to one of my favorite recipe out there. Fry up some bacon in a pan and just drop those bad boys on top of the fantastic green mound of goodness. This dish is a definite winner for my late nights.

  • Pro Tip: Guacamole keeps well in the fridge, so have it ready for your solo movie nights. Just fry up some crispy bacon and you’ll be good to go to watch that Harry Potter marathon! Do not forget to leave some room for dessert! Some homemade churros dipped in a mug of hot melted Mexican chocolate should do the trick! Speaking of which…

3. Mexican Hot Chocolate

The Swiss might beg to differ, but Mexican hot chocolate is the best hot cocoa drink out there for me. This drink is pretty popular with health nuts as it is low in carbs and gluten-free. And it definitely does not hurt that this is also a stunner in the taste department.

For low carb seekers, please follow this recipe, as it uses almond milk instead of regular cow’s milk. Give yourself a bit of a break and don’t forget to add a dollop of whipped cream. Then sprinkle some ground cinnamon in it for the final touches.

This is perfect for cold winter nights or just snuggling with your special someone in front of a warm fireplace! It’s sweet with a little spicy kick that is sure to warm your soul up real quick.

  • Pro Tip: If you need to give it more fat burning properties, just add a shot of espresso to give a little kick to your hot Mexican cocoa! Caffeine is known to speed up your metabolism, and the espresso gives this drink a bolder flavor profile. It’s quite comforting and will keep you focused on late-night meetings at work. Don’t forget to share a cup or two with your co-workers!

4. Casserole With It!

If you need something more hearty, then do try this amazing Mexican casserole recipe. Not only is it surprisingly easy to make, but this dish will also serve a lot of people. You will need to fire up your oven for this one, so be sure that it is in good working condition.

This amazing colorful dish will require a bit of time, so you might need to spend a few hours cooking this, but I can assure you it is worth it. You will need a big oven-safe baking dish to complete this recipe, so be prepared to grab one from the store if you do not have one already.

  • Pro Tip: Choose this recipe the next time you need to cook something for a potluck party. This delightful recipe can serve twelve people and it’s a stunning dish that people will talk about afterwards. It worked wonders for me at our last Christmas party!

5. Chicken Soup For The Soul

Feeling a bit drained from yesterday’s workout? Then this low carb Mexican chicken soup might just be the remedy to bring your spirits up. The soup is a bit on the thick side, so you can expect this dish to be very filling. High in protein with all that amazing chicken meat and soup, it is rich in nutrients with a myriad of vegetables and beans. This dish is also a godsend when you have the flu.

The cayenne pepper adds a little kick to the soup and revs up your metabolism. I had some a few months ago when I had a nasty cold. Let me tell you, I immediately felt better. Don’t tell grandma, but I find this dish much more effective than her regular old chicken noodle soup (Sorry, Nana!). 

  • Pro Tip: If the soup feels a little flat in terms of texture, then crush some white tortilla chips and serve it on top of the soup. This adds another dimension to your dish by adding a little crunch and saltiness to this comforting dish. Also, whip up a big batch of this bad boy during the flu season and keep it in your freezer. You will thank me later when the first sniffles start.

Lets Taco Bout It!

I hope that I have persuaded you that Mexican food really does have low carb options, which do not scrimp on taste. So you don’t have to be gloomy about that anymore. Whether you are on a diet or want to pack on the muscle, these low carb Mexican recipes should definitely be on your list when it comes to meal planning. A lot of these recipes are also gluten-free, so these dishes are sure to delight you if you are into that.

There is something about Mexican food that just inspires the chef in me. The very challenge of looking for this wonderful cuisine’s low carb options gets my creative juices flowing. It isn’t easy, but helping my friends and loved ones in their culinary journey is a reward that is priceless and something that makes me happy. That is why I had a blast writing this article, and I hope I have helped a lot of people in their search for low carb Mexican recipes.

Do you love Mexican food but need to watch those unwanted pounds on your love handles? Please give us your thoughts and write in the space provided below. I would love to discuss food with you! Also, help to spread the word and share this article with your friends and family who also love Mexican food but want fewer carbs in it. Lastly, don’t forget to keep on cooking and I wish you the best of luck on your culinary journey!