Classic Kiddies' Favorites: How To Make Crispy Corn Nuggets

Corn nuggets! They’re a nice, quick and crispy tender snack for all, which are cooked in different way to deep-fried or baked corn. Care to do an experiment? Add a bit of jam and honey to the nuggets and see what the outcome is. Since this delicious treat is so simple, it really is easy as pie to learn!

Simple steps, simple things, simple food! Making this recipe won’t do you any harm. The texture of this meal can be rough but it doesn’t taste rough at all! So grab your apron and frying pan, and get ready to learn “How to Make Crispy Corn Nuggets”!

How To Make Corn Nuggets

What Are Corn Nuggets?

Well,  they are a simple yet delightful little snack for everyone! They were originally made in the South part of the United States, where they are a traditional snack. The nuggets are made of flour, egg, milk, and butter. You can also add cheese and pepper if you want to make cheese corn nuggets.

As I said, they can be cooked in different ways:

  • Using a skillet.
  • Deep fried, using a deep fryer.
  • Baked, using an oven.

Although there are three different ways to cook them, there will always be the same outcome. The only difference is the appliances and tools you’ll need.

Deep-frying is the most commonly used way of making this recipe, but you are encouraged to choose the method that suits your best and you’re comfortable with. They are great for snacks for kids, appetizers for parties or even finger food when watching movies.

What Do I Need To Get To Make Corn Nuggets?

These things are easy to find, so thankfully it won’t be too much hassle. There is a range of many different types of corn, like dent corn and flint corn, that are widely used for making nuggets is the sweet corn.

Making Corn Nuggets Using A Deep Fryer

Here are the ingredients that you are going to need to make corn nuggets:

  • 1 can of creamed corn.
  • 1 can of kernel corn (with the water drained).
  • ½ cup of yellow corn meal.
  • 1 egg (only the white is needed).
  • 2 tbsp. of milk.
  • Salt and pepper for seasoning.
  • 3 cups of oil of your choice (for deep-fat frying).
  • ¾ cup of grated cheese.

For the coating:

  • Flour.
  • Water.
  • Breadcrumbs.


  • Sweet corn is best suited for corn nuggets due to the sweetness of its juice and how much milky substance comes out of it.
  • Creamed corn is made when a corn’s creamy juice is extracted from it.

How To Cook Them

Cooking these nuggets is as simple as making scrambled eggs in a frying pan in your kitchen. The only difference is that it’s a different recipe. How do you make them? Follow these easy steps and get it all done in no time:

 Step #1  Prepare the ingredients.
 Step #2

If you are using fresh corn, which you’ve bought or grown yourself, put it in a pressure cooker for at least 5 minutes, but no longer than that.

 Step #3

After cooking it for at least 5 minutes, take the corn out, let it cool down and take out the corn kernels.

 Step #4

Grind at least three quarters of the kernels (coarse).
If you are not using fresh corn, there is no need for steps 2 – 4. Just replace it with canned corn. ​

 Step #5

Combine all of the ingredients together in a medium-sized bowl (do not include the oil and the ingredients for the coating) and mix them well.

 Step #6

When you’ve finished mixing them all together, divide the mixture into a small little flat circle, like cutlet balls.

Step #7 

Mix the flour and water in a separate bowl and dip the flat cutlet balls into the Maida Batter when you’ve finished. Then, roll each one of them in breadcrumbs.

 Step #8

Deep fry them in oil (180 degrees C) until they are the color of crispy gold. You can use either a deep-fat fryer or big skillet. Put the nuggets on some paper towels to drain. Place them on a plate when you are done. After that…


The above recipe is good for deep-frying. Here is how to do it by using the two other methods.

How To Cook Corn Nuggets Using An Oven

If you are going to cook them using an oven, this is what you do:

 Step 1 – 7

Will be the same, but in step #8 there is a difference.

 Step #8

Place the cut nuggets onto baking sheets and arrange them so that they are not touching each other. Otherwise, they will stick together.

 Step #9

Bake them at 200 degrees C for 12 minutes (turning them after 6 minutes). Take the nuggets out, let them cool, and serve!

How To Cook Corn Nuggets Using A Skillet

There is only have a slight difference between using a deep-fat fryer and a skillet

  • With deep-fat frying, your nuggets will be browned and evenly cooked. It is also a faster and easier method.
  • With skillets, you will need to make sure that the nuggets do not burn, and you’ll need to be vigilant when you’re flipping them to ensure they brown them perfectly. It is your choice.

However, shallow frying does not use a lot of oil. Here is what you need to do:

Step 1 – 7  
Is the same, but in step #8 there is a difference.
 Step #8

When using a skillet, fry them in oil (180 degrees C), making sure they are not close enough to stick to each other.

 Step #9

Flip them from time to time to make sure they are browned evenly and do not get burned. Do it until they are a crispy gold color.

 Step #10 Put the nuggets on paper towels to drain and place them on a plate when they are done.

Want to be creative? Here is a video about how to serve cheese corn nuggets at parties!

Let me show you a video of another interesting way to make cheese corn nuggets more delightful. The chicken nuggets on this recipe are served with greens and achaari mayonnaise.

Additional Tips

Here are additional tips that will help you to make it easier to cook your corn nuggets:

  • You can eat the corn nuggets plain or dip them in your favorite sauce, like tomato sauce, mayonnaise or salad dips.
  • To help the nuggets keep their ball shape, you can freeze them before you coat and fry the nuggets (You can also use any container in the freezer to keep them intact).
  • Do not put too many nuggets into the deep-fat fryer, as it will be harder for you to take them out without the nuggets sticking to each other.
  • Freeze the tray/container before putting the ball-shaped nuggets in. This will make them freeze faster and so cut out the agony of waiting.

For those who love corn nuggets, but do not have time to make them from scratch, there is good news for you! Corn nuggets are available in your favorite supermarkets, and are easy to buy, fry and eat! It is recommended that you make them at home when you have time, since it is healthier to eat fresh ingredients.

Here are a few brands you can find in the grocery stores, and they have different flavors too!

Are Corn Nuggets Healthy To Eat?

Yes, they really are! They are good for the body, your mood, and also your taste buds! Corn nuggets consist of good protein, fats, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates and also help you with your iron.

Here are their health benefits:

  • Since they have a high level of fiber, the aid good digestion and ease constipation. Usually, getting kids to eat food rich in fiber is hard, but it is so easy with corn since they love it!
  • Their high vitamin B12 and folic acid content means it is highly recommended for pregnant women.
  • Needless to say, carbohydrates give you energy, so give them to your kids as snacks before they start an energetic activity.
  • Corn has beta-carotene so it produces vitamin A, which is good for maintaining sharp vision.
  • It’s also rich in antioxidants, so it can help you to avoid cancer.

What do you call your corn nuggets, and where are you from? Cheese corn nuggets, corn nuggets, corn balls or corn fritters – they are actually all the same. Human beings are so creative when it comes to food, a simple recipe can be made differently in small little ways that all depend on people’s own personal taste and style.

Now that you know all about corn nuggets, I bet you are about to make some on your own. Would you care to share?