A Saucy Surprise: How To Make Heavenly Benihana Garlic Butter Sauce

If you are craving a meal with a bit of a theatrical flair, then Benihana might just be the first thing that pops into your mind. While playing with your food is a big no-no, the chefs at Benihana restaurant ignore this rule and toss and flip the meat and rice right in front of you on their piping hot teppanyaki grills.

Personally, I can’t count the number of times that I’ve had a meal at Benihana. With over 116 branches across the nation, it is really hard to miss them. It is also a very common after office destination. Who hasn’t sipped a cold exotic cocktail from a tiki mug there after a long and tiring day at work? Thinking about it makes me want to hop in my car and storm to my local Benihana joint like a Viking marauder.

A lot of people will have different views as to what is their favorite Benihana dish. My college buddy from years ago can’t get enough of Benihana’s Hibachi chicken. I’m still amazed how much of it he consumes every time we hang out at Benihana’s. My aunt, on the other hand, eats a busload of Vegas rolls at each visit. As for me, my all-time favorite dish is their chicken fried rice. The way those flavors dance around my tongue is a delightful culinary experience.

After trying to replicate their chicken fried rice recipe a couple of times, I’ve found out what it is that makes this dish extra delicious. And that top secret is their garlic butter sauce. This sauce is what gives the shrimp and chicken its flavor. Mess it up and you will just have a bland bowl of chicken fried rice.

So hold on to your spatulas, because today I am going to show you how to make a big scoop of Benihana garlic butter sauce.


Benihana Butter Garlic Sauce

The Stars Of Benihana Butter Garlic Sauce (Ingredients)

1. Butter (1/2 A Cup)

Butter is an essential ingredient when it comes to Benihana garlic butter sauce. I really recommend that you get the unsalted variety to flavor your proteins, so that you will not over season your fried rice.

Try using Sysco brand unsalted butter for your fried rice recipe. I find it has a far superior consistency and taste. 

  • Pro Tip: Take your butter out of the fridge a good 15 minutes before making this recipe, so it will be softer. It is easier to prepare butter this way as you will be doing a lot of folding.

2. Lemon Juice (2 TSBP)

Lemon juice will add that kick of acidity to the butter garlic and shrimp. However, don’t overdo it as a lot of cooks make the huge mistake of overpowering their dishes by using too much in their garlic butter sauces. Two tablespoons will go a really long way, as you want the flavor of the garlic butter sauce to have just a hint of lemon.

  • Pro Tip: Always use fresh lemons when it comes to lemon juice. If you use the kind that comes from a supermarket carton, it can add a strange sweet taste that will ruin your Benihana butter garlic sauce.

3. Garlic (Two Cloves)

This is down to your personal preference. You can either chop your cloves of garlic into really small pieces or use it in large, thin slices. Personally, I prefer to chop it really small, as I do not like biting on large chunks of garlic.

  • Pro Tip: There are people who use toasted garlic as it gives their Benihana butter garlic a pleasant toasted taste, and some recipes turn the garlic into a fine mash as it intensifies the flavor. Try to experiment with what type of butter consistency you want to suit your taste.

4. Bowl

Creating scrumptious Benihana garlic butter sauce requires a lot of folding, so it is imperative that you have a sturdy bowl for this task. Look for a metal bowl as it will enable you to easily scrape off any mixture from its sides. Also, get one with a good rubber trimming on the bottom to avoid any skidding.

5. Spatula

Remember the folding? Well, you will need a good quality spatula to make your life easier. Get one that has an excellent ergonomic feel and your wrist will thank you big time for it. Also, use a spatula with a good silicone tip because it will slide that butter mixture more easily.

Time To Rock That Benihana Garlic Butter Sauce!

Prepare all of the ingredients and tools. (Remember, the butter should be at room temperature, so take it out about 15 minutes before prep time). Put the lemon juice and butter into the bowl first, and mix well until the color is of a good consistency. Lastly, mix in your garlic and start the whole folding process. Keep folding until all of the ingredients are mixed very well.

  • Pro Tip: Well-planned cooks usually put their Benihana garlic butter sauce in plastic wrap for added convenience. Simply wrap it like a big log of candy and store it in the refrigerator or freezer. This way, you will be able to pop it out whenever you want and unwrap it for easy even slices.

Put Your Teppanyaki Theatrics To The Test!

I have made countless chicken fried rice dishes with my Benihana garlic butter sauce, but this handy ingredient can also be used in a myriad of other dishes. Try melting a blob of it over a juicy piece of steak or a big bag of Cajun shrimp, and you will be in dining nirvana in no time. Benihana garlic butter sauce can also be used when making meat pies, lamb chops, or as a fantastic topper for quick green salads.

I absolutely adore trying to replicate my favorite restaurant dishes in my own kitchen. Sometimes, you just have to add a little twist to call it your own. The challenge of recreating dishes that are well loved by millions is both exhilarating and gratifying for someone who just loves to cook. That is why I am so glad to be able to share this recipe for Benihana garlic butter sauce with you.

I hope you had as much fun making this one as I did. Do you know any other ways to use this sauce or have any comments about our recipe today? If so, feel free to write to us in the space below. Also, if you love our topic today, please share this link with our friends out there. Always remember to keep cooking and keep sharing!