How Long Does Hummus Last? A Guide To Keeping It Fresh

You’re on the right track, but can you save more? It’s good to wonder if you can do even more to make the most of your food. It could be that you’ve been wasting good food by throwing it out. Or have you been storing it for too long?

This morning, I found myself contemplating if I could still use the hummus that I’d made several days ago. It still looked yummy and smells fine, but I thought it had been stored for too long. How could I be certain?

How long does hummus last? There is no room for uncertainty when it comes to the proper storage and expiry dates of our food. We don’t want food poisoning, so let’s be sure we’re doing this right! I decided it was, therefore, time to look for a perfect guide to the proper storage and expiration of food.

Do you want to have a guide too? Good, because I’m sharing it with all of you!


Hummus: Expiration Date & Storing Method

What Is Hummus?

Everyone knows that hummus is a mashed version of your favorite beans or peas blended with seasonings, oil, tahini and lemon juice, right?

I usually use it as a spread or dip, depending on the mix I make. I make hummus every day, so if you take a peek in my fridge, it should be somewhere in the corner, along with some bread or leftover chips.

Hummus is cheap to buy or make, nutritious and versatility. It can be used as spread, dips, sides, snacks, appetizers or a yummy addition to your meal times.

How Can We Tell If Hummus Is Still Good For Consumption?

After looking at its appearance, we usually smell it to check that it’s still good to eat. But is this a reliable method? We then taste it, but we can never be sure what will happen next!

Firstly, hummus that is going off will have a distinctively sour smell. In contrast, freshly made hummus does not smell much at all, unless you have mixed some strong spices in it.

Needless to say, dispose of any hummus with mold on it. So don’t ever bother tasting your hummus if it smells sour and you can see some mold on it.

You can stop foodborne ailments by practicing correct sanitation and food care techniques.

To make it easy for you, here’s a tabulated guide for the expiration date of hummus.

Hummus Expiration Date

 Unopened Fridge Freezer
  Past Printed Date Past Printed Date

Packaged hummus lasts for

 3-10 Days 6-8 Months

Homemade hummus lasts for

 3-5 Days 6-8 Months
 Opened Fridge Freezer

Packaged hummus lasts for

 4-6 Days 

Homemade hummus lasts for

 3-5 Days 

What Is The Proper Method For Storing Hummus?

Learning to store food the proper way will help a great deal. It saves money, effort and time. The fridge is our best friend, as always. Here are some tips!

  • Hummus stays fresh longer if it is kept in the fridge at under 40 deg. F. This is applies to both freshly made hummus and leftovers.
  • Use tightly sealed containers to prevent moisture forming and the hummus being contaminated by bacteria.
  • If you need to keep it for longer, I suggest you store it in the freezer. Hummus freezes fine and it only takes overnight to thaw.
  • If you have made hummus in a dish, the expiry date will be determined by the recipe’s components. Look for the ingredients that will expire the quickest and base the date on that.

Some of the advantages of appropriate storage are healthy food, cost savings, and helping the environment by preventing waste. There are health hazards related to eating food that has gone off, so be vigilant and practice good food safety habits. It’s better to enjoy your food to the fullest before it expires.

As I mentioned previously, the expiration of food depends on its ingredients. It can also depend on how it was made. I thought you might like to know about this when it comes to hummus.

If you are curious about how hummus was made, I have chosen a video for you to watch. So view it and enjoy!

There you go! Did you enjoy your guide? Hummus is a versatile food that is delicious. Just remember to store it properly so that you can enjoy it to the max.

Please share this article with other people who don’t know how long hummus lasts. I know that many love to make this handy food and hope hope you’ve learned a lot from this article.