Can You Freeze Coleslaw: Another Jaw-Dropping Kitchen Fact

We all like the taste of coleslaw, even if we are not vegetarians. It is a delicious mixture of shredded cabbage and carrots, which can sometimes contain a slew of mayonnaise, vinegar, or salt. Coleslaw is usually a side dish, but it can also be a standalone recipe that is served as an appetizer.

Because of our natural love for coleslaw, we tend to make a lot of it. As long as we have all of the ingredients at our disposal, we can be relentless in making this recipe until we realize that we’ve made too much to consume in one go.

Of course, it would be both unethical and impractical to throw away the remaining coleslaw. Most of us would think about preserving the excess coleslaw by freezing it. But can you freeze coleslaw? And if you can, what are the preparations you need to make? Well, I am going to answer all of these questions here in this article.


Can You Freeze Coleslaw?

Surprisingly, the answer is yes, you can freeze coleslaw. At first, I could not believe it when my aunt suggested this to me. But then I tried it out, and I found that freezing really does work. It is true, you can actually freeze coleslaw! However, there are some things that you should remember before you start storing the coleslaw in your freezer.

First of all, never freeze coleslaw if you have used any mayonnaise in the recipe. This is because the freezing process will actually affect the mayo’s chemical composition. It won’t make the food dangerous to eat, but its taste will certainly change for the worse. Therefore, you can only go ahead with the freezing process if you have used another cream application instead.

So, if you are planning to freeze coleslaw, you will want to exclude mayonnaise from your list of ingredients. I strongly suggest that you use vinegar or a similar type of dressing instead, as it always reacts well to cold temperatures.

But why is mayo not a recommended ingredient for this recipe? The answer is quite simple. When you freeze mayo, it becomes sturdy and forms a rough texture that unexpectedly separates from the rest of the delicacy. If you are really a big mayo fan, and are determined to use it in this recipe, then you should include this ingredient after the coleslaw has been frozen and thawed. 

How To Freeze Coleslaw

Fortunately, the process of freezing coleslaw is not that difficult and there are no preparations to do before you start making it. All you need to do is to put the entire mixture in a freezer or vacuum seal bag. Make sure that you remove the air before sealing it, however. Otherwise, oxidation will take place and your veggie salad will sadly rot.

Put the bag in the freezer and keep it there until the coleslaw is frozen. When you freeze coleslaw properly, it can remain edible for up to three months. However, I would suggest that you eat it sooner than that. In fact, wait no more than two months before consuming it, especially if the ingredients were not that fresh in the first place.

How To Thaw Coleslaw

When the time comes and you need to thaw your coleslaw, just remove the item from the freezer and put it in your refrigerator to thaw. Keep the coleslaw there overnight or until all of the frozen residues have gone. After the thawing process, the veggies should still be cool and crunchy. This is the ideal texture for an appetizer or side dish!

I would not recommend thawing the coleslaw on your kitchen counter, it is not a good idea. The reason for this is pretty simple and obvious: the air. We all know that vegetables, especially leafy ones, are susceptible to oxidation. They age when they are exposed to air, moisture, and heat, and there is also the possibility of harmful bacteria growing on your coleslaw.

Therefore, I would let my refrigerator do the job. After all, this device gives you all the convenience that you deserve!

Alternative Ways To Use Coleslaw Leftovers

Apart from freezing, there are other things you can do with your coleslaw leftovers. Here are some of them:

  • Make it a main dish – You can add it to meat and vegetables, including peas, to create a delicacy worthy of being called a main dish. Frozen smoked salmon or smoked chicken quarters are both great choices that you can use here.
  • Mix it with tacos – Tacos and coleslaws are fellow partners-in-crime. Together, they will do wonders for your tummy by gratifying your appetite with every bite you take. One great combination that I would recommend is adding frozen coleslaw to warm tacos. Their contrasting temperatures create an excellent flavor!
  • Add it to your sandwiches – It is a great idea to put coleslaw on grilled sandwiches. The flavor and texture of coleslaw enhances the overall appeal of the meat and will make your sandwiches both healthy and delicious. Just grill them before you add the coleslaw. 


So, as you can see, we can freeze coleslaw. There is nothing wrong with it. In fact, I strongly recommend that do this every time you have any salad leftovers. In this way, you won’t waste any food at all, not even a single leaf. Moreover, it is a great practice that will keep your coleslaw fresh for as long as possible.

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