How Long Does Cooked Shrimp Last? Everything You Need To Know

Like almost all seafood, shrimps can naturally contain bacteria that you must cook in order to destroy it. But even after the shrimps are cooked, certain bacteria could still be an issue.

Why? Well, if cooked shrimps are left too long out of the fridge at room temperature, any bacteria that wasn’t destroyed during the cooking can begin to multiply again.

Once this happens, the bacteria will grow to such a level that eating it could give everyone food poisoning. You don’t want that to happen, right?


How Long Do Cooked Shrimps Last?

How Long Do Cooked Shrimps Last?

The shrimps’ shelf life depends on certain factors like the sell by date, method of preparation and the way it is stored. Shrimps are low in calories, full of protein, easy to cook, and are so versatile. They can be used in many different recipes. But if they are not stored properly, they might last for only a short period of time.

Like other seafood that is rich in protein, they usually have a sell buy date, use by date or expiry date. It could still be safe to use them to complement some of your favorite meals right after the sell by date has lapsed.

What Factors Affect The Shelf Life Of Cooked Shrimps?


Shrimps stay good for only two hours after they have been cooked and served but begin to fall victim to dangerous bacteria after that time has passed. They can’t be refrigerated, frozen or eaten at all after that, so you will need to throw them away.

If the temperature is 90 degrees and above, they will only last an hour.


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Cooked shrimps can last for three to four days if they are refrigerated within two hours of cooking, or an hour if the temperature is more than 90 degrees.

There is a need to place the cooked shrimps inside a plastic storage bag or tightly wrap them in an aluminium foil or plastic wrap prior to popping it inside the refrigerator.


This is another great alternative to refrigeration when you think you might not eat them for a while. This method could keep the cooked shrimp safe for an indefinite period of time. However, being safe doesn’t always mean they will be palatable.

Even if this makes the bacteria inactive, the quality begins to diminish after six months. Once this happens, the texture and the taste of the cooked shrimps will start to change.

Thawing Cooked Shrimps

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Safe thawing will stop the bacteria from being activated again once the shrimps’ internal temperature increases above 40F. This involves simply transferring the cooked shrimps from the freezer to the refrigerator the night before so they will be thawed prior to eating.

You can also thaw them in the microwave and reheat them immediately afterwards. Once the shrimps have an internal temperature of 145F (use a meat thermometer) they will be safe to eat.

With these ways, you can be assured that the shelf life of your cooked shrimps will be extended.

How You Can Tell If Shrimps Are Rotten, Bad Or Spoiled

It is a fact that both practicing proper hygiene and following food safety techniques will help to prevent foodborne diseases.

  • Indeed, your senses are the most reliable way to tell if the shrimps are already bad. 
  • Some of the most common traits of a bad shrimp are a fishy smell and slimy flesh.

You can watch this video to learn more about food safety, particularly how to store leftovers inside your refrigerator. 

With this information, you will already have an idea how long cooked shrimps last. Being equipped with this information will help you to properly store shrimps, both fresh and cooked. This will ensure that you will not only enjoy them, but also be safe from food poisoning or other related foodborne illnesses.

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