Can You Freeze Blue Cheese? Here’s The Best Answer To This Question

Despite having a strong odor, blue cheese is a culinary delight that’s loved by most cheese connoisseurs. If you are a cheese fanatic, you might have had the problem of having too much blue cheese left over or been given a tub as a gift that you want to store.

If so, you will have pondered one of life’s greatest mysteries and asked yourself, can you freeze blue cheese? Well, worry not, because the next part of the article will answer that question.

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Can You Freeze Blue Cheese?

Can You Freeze Blue Cheese?

The solution is not that easy to give because the answer is both Yes and No. The reason is because freezing blue cheese will largely depend on whether you intend to use it afterward.

  • The truth is that when blue cheese is properly stored, it can have a shelf life of up to a year.
  • The problem is the texture of blue cheese changes after a long time in the freezer. The texture is going to be a bit dry and crumbly once it is thawed.
  • So, if you are planning to use the frozen blue cheese to cook in recipes like soups, sauces, casseroles, blue cheese dips, stuffed meats or baked desserts, then freezing should be just fine.

However, if you want to use the frozen blue cheese for a cheese platter or salad toppings then the texture might be less than desirable, and the texture is quite important when you’re eating it out of the packet.

If you are planning to serve your blue cheese as an hors d’oeuvre or with wine at your next cocktail party, then you will need to use the blue cheese within seven days of purchase. According to cheese nuts, this is the optimum time to use blue cheese in this way.

Make Sure You Freeze It Properly

Freezing blue cheese is more difficult than chucking it inside the freezer and taking it out when it’s needed.

  • Freezing blue cheese is more difficult than chucking it inside the freezer and taking it out when it’s needed. The best way to freeze blue cheese is to place it carefully in an airtight container or bag. If you do not have any of these things, wrapping it well in aluminum foil will do. This will ensure that the cheese still has maximum freshness when it is used.
    Keeping it inside an airtight container has its benefits, as this will prevent the blue cheese from being damaged as it’s moved around in the freezer. It will also stop your freezer from smelling like blue cheese.
  • A good tip when freezing blue cheese is to cut it up into more manageable pieces before putting it in the freezer.
    Not only will this save you space in your freezer, it will also enable you to get just the right amount of blue cheese that you need.
  • For the harder varieties of blue cheese, it’s a nifty option to grate it before you put it the freezer. It can also save space, especially if you are planning to use a heavy duty freezer bag.
    If you are planning to turn it into a sauce or a topping, then it’s much easier to have the blue cheese grated.

Thawing It The Right Way

Freezing blue cheese does have its disadvantages as it will need a lot of time to thaw.

  • If you freeze a big chunk of blue cheese, then it’s best to thaw it for about two days before you plan to use it.
  • If you take out the blue cheese two days before it is needed and the place it in the refrigerator, this will ensure it’s fully thawed and retains as much of its original texture as possible.

Cutting the blue cheese into smaller pieces before freezing is a good way to avoid long thawing times.

If it’s cut into smaller blocks, then the thawing time can be reduced to about a day. This also applies to frozen grated blue cheese, which can be thawed properly overnight or even less.

How Long Can You Freeze Blue Cheese?

  • As stated previously, most blue cheese can last up to about a year if it is stored properly inside the freezer.
  • But if you want the quality to not degrade too much, try using it within six months.

Blue cheese is still best enjoyed if it’s used just after purchase. This is especially true if you like serving it fresh with a good glass of wine and some fine choice meat.

But if you are left with some extra blue cheese, don’t just throw it away. Freeze it instead for another day of cheese filled happiness.