The Best Meat For Beef Jerky: What Is Your Favorite?

Beef jerky became a favorite food of mine, I ate it for the first time years ago in China. We liked the spicy taste of the rich meat as we nibbled it along the streets.

If beef jerky is one of your favorite meals, you will love buying it, but why purchase it from the convenience store when you can make it yourself at home? Although there are different types of meat you can choose from, I will show you the best meat for beef jerky.


Jerky is a kind of lean meat, it’s great because all of the fat that has already been trimmed off, leaving mostly protein. After getting rid of this fat, cut the meat into small strips. They arethen dried with salt so that bacteria can’t get into the meat before it finishes drying.

That’s what jerky is.

Now, how about beef jerky? This shouldn’t be too hard for you to understand. It’s jerky and the meat is beef.

One type of beef jerky just isn’t enough in a world where everyone is always craving something new or different.

If you want to make your own kind of beef jerky inside of the safety of your own home, perhaps you should widen your perspective and think about the different choices you have, other than the regular kind.

You can’t ignore this one! It’s the most popular kind of jerky, and the one most people think of. It’s the taste we go for when we have not tried out the different flavors yet.

As well as the tasty saltiness of traditional beef jerky, it has the classic peppered taste that we love. It’s chewy ecstasy!

This gives you the exotic taste of Japan at the tip of your tongue. It is a different kind of flavor that you need in your life! You should try it.

This is for hot food lovers who love a firey feeling burning on their tongue and throat.

In my personal opinion, the barbecue flavor is one of the best, and something that you should try out for yourself someday!

Just as we enjoy smoked meat with its tender juiciness, hickory smoked beef is equally delicious, except it isn’t juicy.

Taste the sweetness of the honey that’s infused inside this chewy beef jerky, and relish the sensation as the juices flood your mouth. Absolutely exquisite!

Unlike the pineapples on your pizza, Hawaiian beef jerky won’t let you down with its tasty Hawaiian mix.

You can barely taste the sourness of the lemon. Instead, the lemon’s recognizable taste is mixed with the pepper, combining the two flavors together.

If you’re a fan of seafood, this Cajun beef jerky will get your mouth watering in no time at all! The taste of the delicious red lobster will definitely be something exotic to remember.

When I say “different kinds of meat” I mean the different areas of a cow you can use when cooking beef jerky. After all, it is named beef jerky. So, which cuts of beef are you going to use?

This is a single oval muscle found in the rear legs! It is one of the most popular options and the most common meat used to make beef jerky. It’s a classic and still the best choice!

Bottom Round

This is the outer muscle of the upper rear leg and is the least tender of all of the meat, but that’s what makes a great jerky. The chewier the better, I say!

Top Round/London Broil

This is an inside leg muscle and so it is more tender then the bottom round, but not as tender as the eye of round. You could say it’s in the middle.

Sirloin Tip

Sirloin tip is considered to be the most tender of all these meats! If tender meat is what you’re going for, then is the best choice for you.

Flank Steak

This is a very tough kind of meat, so when you turn it into jerky, it is a little more difficult to chew compared to the rest. If you choose this meat, it’s going to be harder on your jaw, but that adds a lot more to your eating experience!

Ground Meat

Since ground meat is easier to chew, it is the best choice for those who don’t want to make the effort. However, it is a very different experience compared to eating whole meat.

There are many other options, including deer meat, but I do not recommend that you go about hunting them whenever you please.

  • Here’s a piece of advice for when you choose your meat: choose the area of the cow with the least amount of fat.

Are you ready to make your beef jerky? No? If you don’t know how to start making beef jerky, you need to learn now! For your convenience, I have added a video that will teach you the ways to make the sacred beef jerky! It’s easy to follow, so it shouldn’t be too hard for you.

Was the video easy to understand? Making beef jerky isn’t as hard as it seems. In fact, it’s an absolute breeze for someone to do! I bid you good luck in making your beef jerky!

  • Always choose the meat with the least amount of fat. There’s already a lot of sodium, so don’t make it even unhealthier by adding fat to it.
  • Of course, be sure that you have bought fresh meat. The beef should be red in color and healthy looking.
  • Think about the quantity you need. How much beef jerky are you planning to make? 4 pounds of meat will give you 1 pound of jerky. Think about that!

When you choose from all of the different types of beef options, make sure that you pick the best meat for beef jerky that will also suit your own personal taste. After all, only you who can decide which is the best meat out of them all.

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