3 Best Andouille Sausage Substitutes, From Awesome To Brilliant

Sausages are considered to be a staple food, wherever you are in the world. In fact, their popularity has reached the point that some people can’t live a day without eating one.

There are many different sausage varieties to enjoy. Perhaps you are already familiar with some of them. But if you want something that has a fierce yet delectable flavor, you should explore the world of smoked sausages.

There are two methods you can use to make smoked sausages. The first one is to smoke the sausage first, then cook it afterward (preferably by grilling). The second approach is by cooking and smoking the food simultaneously. You can do any of these with the help of a smokehouse or a simple charcoal smoker or an electric smoker.

It is these smoking techniques that give us the wonderful aroma and genuine flavor of smoked sausages. Among all of these sausages, Andouille features both a classy and earthy tang. Any food gourmets will appreciate the taste of this delicacy, which has a unique flavor. That’s why it is a struggle to find an Andouille sausage substitute.

Fortunately, that doesn’t mean that this is the end of the line for us because if that was the case, I would certainly get frustrated!


What Is Andouille Sausage?

andouille sausage substitutes

The Andouille is a sausage variant that undergoes heavy smoking. The meat used in it is typically derived from pork. However, you can always expect variations of this food. Some manufacturers include unique combinations of fat, tripe, and meat to create a brand new sausage.

As many food historians state, Andouille sausage originally started in Germany or France. However, the exact location is still unknown. Regardless of its origin, let us just celebrate the fact that Andouille was created here on Earth. Without this sausage, our food platters would never be complete.

In the United States, Andouille is known as the Cajun. You can typically find this sausage being sold in markets (where it is raw) or restaurants (cooked). Cajun-style sausage undergoes heavy smoking and seasoning, just like Andouille. However, the main difference is its spiciness, as it tends to be spicier than its European counterparts. Therefore, this sausage is perfect for those of us who want to bring some spicy heat to their mouth.

You can spot an abundant source of Andouille in France, Germany, the US, and Italy. The variety that is made in Italy is called the ‘Nduja (and that’s not a typo). It is quite similar to the Cajun Andouille, but it uses much more red pepper.

Andouille Sausage Substitutes

Any smoked sausage that has been cooked can be either be eaten hot or cold. Unless there is a label on the package that restricts a particular consumption method, you can freely eat the food in any way that you want. Luckily, smoked sausages like Andouille are versatile. They can also be included in different dishes and cuisines, as they add the extra savoriness and richness that you want from your food.

But what do you do if you can’t get Andouille and you need it badly? I know this is a troubling question, which has to be answered, or your cooking experience will be incomplete. So, you will be eager to find out about the alternatives to this particular sausage.

Don’t worry. I have already listed some of them here. Take a look at them below. 

1. Mexican Chorizo

Spanish chorizo sausage

One of the chief traits of Andouille sausage is its distinct flavor, which is powerful and oozing. It is not as bland as many other common sausages you’ll find in the market today. Therefore, if you are looking for a substitute for Andouille sausage, it should have the same characteristics.

Well, it is pretty obvious that the first candidate is the Mexican chorizo sausage. Both of these delicacies have strong flavors, which makes them interchangeable. You can liberally add Mexican chorizo to a recipe that requires Andouille. However, there is a minor caveat to this. The texture of Mexican chorizo is not the same as Andouille sausages. It is finer and that might not suit your preference.

But if you can ignore this, then chorizo is a perfect alternative to Andouille sausages. It is spicy and made from perfectly ground meat (typically pork). Most of the time, Mexican chorizo is sold raw in the market, but you can still find loose and dried varieties of it.

The ratio of Mexican chorizo sausage to Andouille is 1:1. Therefore, if a particular recipe requires you to use one pound of Andouille sausage, you should replace it with one pound of Mexican chorizo. 

2. Kielbasa

Andouille Sausage Substitute - Kielbasa

If you have been to Poland, you will have been overwhelmed by the number of sausages that they have. This country has a deep connection to the food, which makes it a center point for all sausages. In fact, people there can create their own sausages, which is a fantasy for most of us. Most of them use sausage stuffers to make this feat a lot more achievable. 

Many think that the term kielbasa only refers to the linked smoked sausages that can be seen in the market. In Poland, kielbasa is just a local terminology for sausage. Regardless of whether it is cured, fresh, or smoked, the Poles still call their sausages kielbasa. The only way you can distinguish one sausage from another is by the additional names that they have.

For example, the Biala Kielbasa is the fresh and raw sausage, while the Kielbasa Mysliwska (or Hunter’s sausage) is the smoked variant. The latter is typically made from a combination of pork and juniper berries. Many outlanders and hunters prefer this food because it has low moisture content. As a result, it doesn’t get spoiled quickly.

Kielbasa is a good substitute for Andouille sausage, but if you want to play safe, just use Kielbasa Mysliwska. It has a strong flavor and aromatic scent, which can perfectly complement the Andouille sausage. You can also use it in similar proportions as the Andouille without worrying too much.

However, some people don’t use kielbasa as an alternative to Andouille because of its cardamom content. Depending on the recipe, the cardamom can disrupt the interaction of the spices, so it may not yield the desired results that you want.

3. German Smoked Sausages

Andouille Substitute - German Smoked Sausages

You can always trust Germany when it comes to sausages. They are as good as Poland when it comes to making this delicacy, as all German sausages are delectable, thanks to their flavor and scent. Of course, you can expect that a lot of these sausages become excellent alternatives to Andouille.

One of these German sausages is the Bratwurst. Its composition is similar to the Andouille, as it usually contains minced beef and pork. There are some ingredients that are included in the mix, such as caraway and marjoram spices. The ones you can see on the streets and in the restaurants in Germany are grilled Bratwurst. This can be served with mustard and other types of condiments. But of course, Bratwurst undergoes heavy smoking first before it is cooked.

The impact of Bratwurst on the food can be compared to Andouille. Possibly it could become a feasible substitute for Andouille sausage. It is strong but flavorful, making it an excellent ingredient. Moreover, the spices that are included do not overwhelm the overall flavor of the dish. You can interchange the Bratwurst with Andouille by using a 1:1 ratio.


So, as you can see, looking for an Andouille sausage substitute can be an easy task. You just have to remember that Andouille has a smoky and heavy flavor. Therefore, you should replace it with other ingredients that have similar characteristics. The ones that I have listed here are the most optimal options that are available.

Andouille Substitute - Italian Sausages

However, you can still freely explore other sausages and smoked products. A lot of people recommend Italian sausages as a replacement for Andouille, so maybe this one is a good choice too. I haven’t tried it in my recipes yet, but I believe that if you cook them properly, Italian sausages will yield excellent cooking results.

Don’t forget to pay attention to the recipe that you are making. In this way, you will be able to find the right ingredients that will perfectly match the texture and flavor of the food.

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