How Long Do You Smoke Bacon And Make It Tender And Crispy?

Smoking time again! Last time, we learned about different meats for smoking. Now, let’s focus on bacon alone. Who doesn’t love bacon? It smells like breakfast and the beginning of a brand new day!

If you have not tried the smoking method yet, it is about time to start learning. So let’s find out how long we should smoke bacon.

Are you ready?


How Long Do You Smoke Bacon?

What’s There To Know About Bacon?

Bacon is a byproduct of pork that has been cured. This is done by using large quantities of dry packed or brine salt. After curing, it becomes fresh bacon!

There are three ways that you can do fresh bacon:

  • Dried – Like fresh bacon, it is usually cooked by frying.
  • Boiled – Ready to eat bacon.
  • Smoking – Can be eaten right away, but some prefer to cook it before eating.

The best bacon is taken from the belly or the back. If you do not like too much fat, the back cut is best for you.

How Long Do We Smoke Bacon?

The length of time needed to smoke bacon varies and depends on the person doing the smoking. Some prefer their bacon to be smoked for longer, some for a short while. The less time, the juicier it will be.

It takes a longer time to drain the fat really well, and hmm… I don’t like bacon without any fat! Do you?

To give you a good idea of how long it takes to smoke bacon, I will show you how the smoking needs to be done. Within this short tutorial, we find out the length of time required.


Bacon is super fat, so set the smoker temperature to the maximum of 175 degrees C if you do not want to drain all the juicy goodness from it.

It is best to smoke bacon at an average internal temperature of 90-150 degrees C. It is hard to maintain this in summertime, especially if your smoker generates really strong heat.


Place your cured meat inside your chamber and set the time for a maxium of 4 hours. This is just an estimate, so keep an eye on your bacon and monitor the smoker’s internal temperature.

  • If the internal temperature only reaches 50 degrees C or lower than 90 degrees C (especially in winter), you may end up eating all the 4 hours you have set.
  • The lower the temperature, the more smoking hours are required. The longer the meat stays inside the smoker, the more flavor it will have!
  • If the internal temperature reaches 90 degrees C and higher (especially in the summer), you can pull out your bacon earlier. This will prevent the meat from drying up. Usually, the longest time for such a heat range is less than two hours.

See? We have got the length of time needed to smoke bacon!

  • Take note: It usually takes 2-4 hours to smoke bacon, depending on its internal temperature.

More Tips For Smoked Bacon

  • Put your freshly smoked bacon in the fridge before cutting it down as it will make it easy to cut than hot bacon.
  • Letting it stay in the fridge overnight intensifies the flavor. Refrigerated bacon lasts for five days. Frozen bacon lasts for months.
  • Wrap your bacon in a paper towel, butcher paper or aluminum foil to keep the oil from dripping and making a mess.
  • To enhance the flavor, coat the meat with freshly ground black pepper as much as you want. It adds a kick to the taste!
  • If you like lots of smoke, you can use pellets that generate more smoke without heating up the chamber.

It does not take much time to smoke bacon, does it? Considering it is so scrumptious, it does not matter how long you smoke bacon! Two or four hours is worth the wait!

How was our article today? Did you find out how to smoke bacon and learn how long it takes? I hope this has been informative and useful to you.

For those of you who love to smoke, let’s bring home the bacon!