Can You Eat Peach Skin? Is It Safe And Healthy?

Peaches! They’re yummy, soft, healthy and versatile. You can eat them right away, as juicy as they are, make a pie out of them or squeeze the fruit to make a juice. Of course, we are talking about the inside here, but what about the skin? Is it as useful as the flesh? “Can you eat peach skin?”


What Is A Peach?

A “peach” is a round, juicy fruit that looks like the color of, well, a peach! At least you now know where we got the color peach from. If you were to describe it further and be more specific, it would be orange with a pinch of yellow and pink mixed together.

The fruit’s color is like apples, but its texture is way different. While the apple has a nice, smooth structure and skin, the peach has a soft, hairy skin type. It originated in China, where people called it a nectarine. A nectarine, however, is quite different since its skin does not have trichomes.

Is It Safe To Eat Peach Skin?

The answer is a big YES! Peach skin contains lots of vitamins that are good for the human body and it’s surprisingly delicious too. A lot of people who are used to eating peach skin do not mind the fuzzy skin.

  • Don’t be scared to eat the skin, as long as it is properly washed. Amongst all of the fruits sprayed that are chemicals, the peach is ranked as the best choice. You must be careful when washing them though – do not rub too hard or they will end up all mushy and broken inside and outside.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Peach Skin?

Did you ever think that eating peach skin was beneficial! Even the thought of eating the fuzzy texture seems to be impossible. Now we have discovered that it is totally edible and nutritious, let’s discover the benefits that we can all gain from it.

  • It is delicious – believe it or not, many people prefer the skin to the fruit itself, as it is their favorite part.
  • Peach skin is rich in antioxidants and contains more nutrients, vitamins, and minerals than the flesh. How is that?
  • They are rich in fiber, with the most fiber content is found in the peel.

Is Peach Skin Safe To Eat?

Yes, it is absolutely safe. Apart from the health benefits that we have mentioned, it is also yummy. However, it is hard to find a peach in the market that is purely organic. Most fruits are sprayed with harmful chemicals. You can eat peach skin when you are sure it is clean, as if it came from your own backyard. But do not eat the skin when it does not have the “organic” label on it, as it will not be safe.

  • Warning: Do not forget that peach pits contain a low level of cyanide. It won’t harm you if you eat a little of it but be careful, just in case.

What Are The Other Ways We Can Eat Peach Peel?

We already know that peach skin can be eaten fresh and it’s useful to our health, but what are its other uses, and have you ever thought about eating it in different ways that are not fresh? Let’s find out!

Peach Jelly

This recipe contains both peach peel and pits for jam. The peach pit and peels are boiled and as much juice as possible is extracted from it. The juice is then boiled again and mixed with pectin and sugar this time. What comes out? Peach jelly or jam and it tastes delicious!

Peach Peel Butter

Via Nourished Kitchen

Mix the peel with sugar, lemon juice and water and the results are magical. Simmer it until it has the consistency of butter. Make sure you stir all the time to prevent burning.

What Are The Different Types Of Peaches?

I know we are only focusing on peach peel here, but now that you’re trying out eating peach skin, you might as well know that peaches have different varieties. This means you can choose what kind of peach you want to eat in terms of its skin. There are peaches with super fuzzy skin and others with a few trichomes. I would certainly have a good look out for these!

Here is a video that educates us about the different types of peaches:

To wrap it all up, you have now learned that it’s safe to eat peach skin and it’s a good thing to eat the skins because it means there’s no waste! You can even enjoy making jam and butter out of the skins!

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What do you think? Would you like me to teach you how to peel peaches? Maybe that’s something for next time, right here! Spread the news about eating peach skins and share your experience.