The Best Cheese Slicer Of 2022: Review And Buying Guide

Sometimes, a kitchen knife is not able to help you to make the perfect slices that are required when you’re cutting particular ingredients, such as cheese. Therefore, dealing with this semi-delicate foodstuff is quite difficult if you don’t have the best cheese slicer with you.

There is a good chance that not all of us have this tool in our kitchen. Even I did not get this cutting appliance immediately, despite hearing about it. Fortunately, I bought myself this tool during a Black Friday sale, and my gosh, it’s indeed changed a lot of things!

There’s a wide variety of cheese slicer to choose from. We have German cheese slicers and heavy-duty cheese cutters, as well as simple slicers that are both affordable and ergonomic at the same time. The most important thing here is to ensure that you’ve got a reliable slicer to cut your favorite cheese the way that you want it.

In this guide, I have listed a couple of cheese slicers that have notable qualities and features. The ones that I got here have a reliable design because they are made by reputable cutlery and kitchen tool manufacturers. It is best to get to know all of them to see which one captures your interest. 


How To Choose The Best Cheese Slicer: Reviews And Buying Guide

Best Cheese Slicers Reviews

Best Cheese Slicer Reviews: A Complete Rundown

1. Westmark Cheese Slicer “Fromarex” – Editor’s Pick

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The quality of the Westmark Cheese Slicer is already acknowledged by the cutlery community. It is among the finest and most rugged cheese slicers that you can get today. It has been engineered in Germany, which guarantees both the durability and functionality of its parts. This device requires less maintenance and is very easy to clean. It can also handle different types of cheese without you making any major adjustments.

Westmark is one of the best kitchenware manufacturers in the world today, which is why their cheese slicers do more than they promise. The Fromarex cheese slicer uses a food-safe industrial-grade stainless steel blade that can cut through the surface of cheese smoothly and flawlessly. You will always get restaurant-quality results with this tool.

Meanwhile, the handle of the Westmark Cheese Slicer is crafted from cast aluminum, so it is extremely comfortable to hold and provides enough grip. Maneuvering the handle is pretty easy, too. The mechanism it employs for slicing is very easy as you don’t have to exert too much effort on the handle to make the slice.

The board of this cheese slicer is made from ABS (or acrylonitrile butadiene styrene), which is a type of thermoplastic that is durable, high-heat resistant and made of a food-safe material. The base also features a polypropylene scale that can be adjusted. The ergonomics of this cheese slicer are better than the other brands of cheese slicers that are available today.


  • Rugged and food-safe construction.
  • Very easy to clean.
  • Can handle both soft and hard cheese.
  • Works with other ingredients.
  • Easy to use and control.


  • Doesn’t have a locking mechanism for the blade.

2. Fox Run Marble Cheese Slicer – Best Cheese Slicer For Soft Cheese

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We are well aware of how difficult it is to slice squishy cheeses. Slicing feta or brie is not as simple as it seems. They require careful handling and extreme precision, and so your output depends on the quality of cheese slicer you have. For cutting and slicing soft cheese, you might want to buy the Fox Run Marble Cheese Slicer, as it provides a convenient approach to dealing with mushy ingredients.

The entire base of the Fox Run Marble Slicer is quite large. Therefore, it provides sufficient space for you to work with several large chunks of cheese in one go. The entire base is made out of marble and is very stable, so will never wobble at all, allowing you to slice with care and precision.

This cheese slicer uses a stainless steel wire as its cutting tool, which is rugged but flexible at the same time. That’s the reason why this item can cut both hard and soft cheese easily. Furthermore, the wire is food-safe. Cleaning it will never take up too much time and the slicer’s handle provides both comfort and grip, so that you can get the most out of the ingredients you are slicing.

The marble base of this cheese slicer has an appealing design, which can fit the interiors of both modern and traditional kitchens, and would work as a fashionable serving board for parties and food cookouts. Fortunately, the surface of the marble base is not sticky at all, so cleaning it will always be a breeze. 


  • The base has rubber mats to prevent it sliding.
  • Its sharp steel wire cuts soft cheese properly.
  • Not a messy cheese slicer.
  • Sturdy and long-lasting design.
  • Can keep ingredients dry and cool.


  • You need to readjust the wire to lock it tightly.
  • Handle is made from plastic.

3. Prodyne 805B Thick Beech Wood Cheese Slicer – Best Cheese Slicer For Hard Cheese

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The Prodyne 805B Wood Cheese Slicer is another fine cheese slicer that you can invest in. This device has a classic sleek wooden design, unlike the Fox Run Cheese Slicer, which features a modern appeal because of its marble construction. The thick beech wood gives the slicer the stability it needs.

However, its best attribute is its efficiency. The wire can cut finely and quickly. Moreover, it can be replaced if it becomes blunt or gets damaged. Not all cheese slicers have this feature, so it can’t be ignored.

Furthermore, the wire quickly sinks into any type of cheese, making quick work of it. Even the hardest variety will never stand a chance against the sharpness of the wire, and it will never delay you by making flimsy and inaccurate cuts. Meanwhile, the chromed arm and handle of this device provide excellent control when you’re cutting. Even if your hands are wet, the handle never gets slippery.

The stability of the Prodyne 805B Wood Cheese Slicer is impressive. This is not a wobbly tool and it will remain affixed to the tabletop surface, thanks to its rubberized feet. The same feature also protects the tabletop from getting scratched, as this cheese slicer has a wooden construction. Everything about this device, from its usage to its durability, is satisfying. 


  • Works well with hard cheese.
  • Has a replaceable stainless steel wire.
  • Stable cutting platform.
  • Its large board accommodates large ingredients.
  • Sharp and precise cutting action.


  • The wooden surface is slightly slippery.
  • The angle of the wire needs to be augmented so that it can be centered.

4. OXO Good Grips Wire Cheese Slicer With Replaceable Wires – Best Handheld Cheese Slicer

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If you are looking for a tool that can offer maximum mobility and control in slicing cheese, you should settle for the OXO Good Grips Wire Cheese Slicer. This features a lightweight, compact design for enhanced usability. Even if you have small or frail hands, using this cutting tool will never be difficult. The wire’s sharpness means you do not have to exert too much force when cutting.

This particular cheese slicer has a tension wheel, which enables you to adjust the strength and firmness of the wire so that it can deal with a variety of cheese textures and cut through thick cheese. It also prevents the wire from getting too loose, which can result in it wobbling. In addition, the wires can be replaced when have worn out. This package from OXO Good Grips includes one extra wire to prevent any annoying downtime in the kitchen if the wire does break.

OXO Good Grips is a reputable manufacturer of kitchen appliances and gadgets. So it is not a surprise that their cheese slicer is durable. It will not corrode or rust, and is guaranteed to be food-safe. The base that holds the wire is constructed from die-cast zinc material, which is rugged but doesn’t add to the weight of the tool.

The handle is comfortable, even when you use it for a long time, as it will never slip away from your hands, even when things get wet. I also noticed that the handle is slightly soft, as if there is a tiny layer of cushioning on it. Washing the tool is also easy because all the parts are dishwasher safe. 


  • Lightweight and compact design.
  • Wires are replaceable.
  • Adjustable wire tension to prevent loosening.
  • Handle is extremely comfortable.
  • Can work with soft and hard cheese.


  • Cannot cut large piece of cheese.
  • The cutting depth is not adjustable.

5. Bellemain Adjustable Cheese Slicer – Best Adjustable Cheese Slicer

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The Bellemain Adjustable Cheese Slicer can work efficiently based on your demands. It is more adjustable than most hand held cheese slicers, ergonomic, as well as being rugged, and very easy to use. It can also provide you with the maximum amount of control, so that you can cut cheese the way you like it.

The stainless steel wire of the Bellemain Cheese Slicer can be adjusted so that you can get the appropriate thickness of the ingredient that you are cutting. It is one of the few cheese cutters that can create paper-thin slices and the flawlessness of its cuts is truly fantastic. But the best thing about this device is how easy it is to use. You don’t have to be a skilled chef to achieve this kind of finesse in cutting.

It enables you to work with both hard and soft cheeses, and will not produce any mess. All the cuts are guaranteed to be clean and fast, so it’s great to use if you plan to use the cheese as a form of food decoration.

Do not get fooled by its elegant appearance, this tool is also very durable and so sturdy it can last a lifetime. It is made from a single piece of zinc alloy so it will resist any dents, cracks, or breakages. Furthermore, it is resistant to rust and corrosion. Cleaning it will always be convenient as its surface prevents any residue from sticking.


  • It can make both thin and thick slices.
  • Heavy-duty one-piece construction.
  • Resistant to rust, corrosion, and breakages.
  • Food-safe stainless steel cutting wire.
  • Easy to control.


  • The mounted wire cannot be replaced.
  • Not dishwasher-safe.

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Should You Get A Cheese Slicer?

Although cheese can be cut with conventional cutlery tools, such as a cheese knives, which came first before the invention of the cheese slicer.

A cheese slicer is not a staple kitchen tool that is essential, like your cooking pot or spatula. Just like a rotary cheese grater, its degree of usability is not that crucial. But it can definitely improve the speed of your work and simplify the process of slicing and cutting cheese.

  • Cheese slicers allow you to make thin and thick slices out of any type of cheese. Ordinary knives and cutting tools can do the same, but they will never be as precise and consistent. Cheese makes your food more appealing but only if it looks good.
    A cheese slicer is ideal if you are working with soft cheese. If you think that slicing hard cheese is difficult, try a soft cheese, like brie, which cannot be cut properly by standard kitchen knives without falling apart.
  • While soft cheese tends to stick to the blade of knives, as they don’t have any feature that prevents the residue from sticking to them, a cheese slicer uses thin wires that cheese remnants slide off. You always get clean results, regardless of the type of cheese you are cutting.
  • Cheese slicers don’t require too much maintenance. In fact, the wire that is used on them doesn’t any require sharpening, just replacing. The replacement wire can be purchased separately at a very low price. However, as most of the top cheese cutters have durable wires that are resistant to harmful kitchen elements, a replacement is not needed very often.

Types Of Cheese Slicers

There are a lot of things you can do with cheese, but you will need to get the right cheese slicer first. Here are the different types that are available:

Plane Cheese Slicers

This is the oldest form of cheese slicer. Plane cheese slicers use a flat platform (hence the name plane) and blades that are mounted to the main body. You use a handle to crank the blade downward. Plane cheese slicers are meant to cut off small, individual cheese pieces and work well with hard cheeses, as they can slice them into thin pieces.

Rolling Cheese Slicers

Rolling cheese slicers have an integrated roller (just like those you will find on pizza cutters), as well as the cutting wire. The roller does not aid the cutting directly. Instead, it guides the movement and direction of the cutting wire. Typically, the wire is crafted from stainless steel. Rolling cheese slicers, like the Bellemain, can work on both soft and hard cheese.

Board Cheese Slicers

Board cheese slicers, like the Fox Run Marble Cheese Slicer, are unique in their own right as the base or the board does not just function as a cutting platform. It can also work as a serving board. This board can be made from different materials, such as stainless steel, marble, and wood.

You need to choose marble if you want to keep the cheese fresh, while wood is preferable if you prioritize cleanliness. Stainless steel board cheese slicers are the most durable and rugged. 

Guidelines For Choosing The Best Cheese Slicer

Not all cheese slicers are the same, some are better than others. Here is a rundown on the varying qualities of these slicers.

Safety Features

It is important that the device only cuts the cheese, and not your hands or any body parts. Just because cheese slicers use wires doesn’t mean they can’t harm you. If they can cut cheese, they can cut you.

A cheese slice that’s safe to use should have an ergonomic handle with optimal grip that prevents you hand from slipping accidentally. In addition, the handle and the wire need to be distanced from one another, so that the wire will always be well away from your fingers. 


A cheese slicer should ensure that you will never have a hard time cutting cheese, and must have ergonomic features. They should be simple to operate and allow you to get to work right away!

The work should never strain your hands and wrist either. The handle should be easy to crank and maneuver and the device needs to be easy to clean, even if it is not dishwasher-safe.


The durability of a cheese slicer is crucial. It is not a good thing if the slicer break after just a few months or even a year of use. I recommend you get one made of zinc alloy or stainless steel. Aside from being sturdy and durable, it will be resistant to rust and corrosion, too. And don’t forget that the construction of this tool should be food-safe. Don’t let the slicer poison you!


I don’t include warranties whenever I shop for kitchen tools and necessities. Don’t get me wrong. A product warranty is essential, as it can be a safety net for your money if the cheese slicer has a defect or gets damaged. You can get a full refund or replacement for accidental breakages, too. But at the end of the day, if you get a great cheese slicer, you won’t use these warranties.

Final Thoughts

Now that I have given you a rundown of the various cheese slicers available, it is time to wrap up. I hope that I have been able to help you pick the right cheese slicer you need for your home or business. It is not a risky investment, as most of these units are inexpensive. You can even get a good cheese cutter if you go for an entry-level category device.

The ones that I have featured in this guide are great and ergonomic. Any of them will help you to cut your cheese with ease. The Westmark Cheese Slicer “Fromarex” and Bellemain Adjustable Cheese Slicer are among the “cream of the crop”. They are easy to use and clean, and cut soft and hard cheeses without any worry. If you get them, your cheese slicing will never be the same again!

Of course, you can always choose other cheese cutters, but the devices I have included here will never disappoint you, just like your old flames! Kidding aside, if you prioritize them on your shopping list, you won’t regret it.

Do you have any questions? If so, feel free to ask me in the comments section below!