2017's Top 5 Best And Effective Blender For Crushing Ice

We all love smoothies, ice cream and other drinks, and we love to make it at home. Also, a crushed ice is important to make our perfect smoothie and ice cream a reality. But how can we achieve it is the ice is chunky? In this situation, blenders come to the rescue.

However, not all blenders are created equal no matter how hard some manufacturers do to copy their competitors. So, what are the best blenders for crushing ice and other ingredients are available in the market? In this article, I’m going to list the top 5 best blenders you can choose from.

Surely, blenders are gift from heaven. Blenders don’t just crush big chunky pieces of ice; it also pulverizes anything like fruits and vegetables into smooth pieces. They are multi-functional appliance that sometimes does other appliance’s job.


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How Do Blenders Work?

A blender comes with a pitcher which is either made of plastic and glass. There is a sharp set of blades in the bottom of the blender. It is held in with a screw-on cap and rubber gasket to hold the blade plate. It also provides the pressure to avoid overspill and leaks.

A blender usually has a base that houses a powerful motor and switch/buttons. These buttons, when pressed, changes the motor’s speed and the blade’s revolving.

Advantages Of Having A Blender

The first question we always ask every time we invest in something is, is it worthy to buy? For a blender’s case, it is more than worth it to buy it. It lies on what kind of blender you are buying and what brand.

So, what are the advantages of keeping a blender in your kitchen?

  • It Makes Nutritious Foods More Exciting To Eat

Blenders can make vegetables and fruits exciting to eat by turning them into juices and other desserts. This is very beneficial to a family who has kids who doesn’t eat vegetables and fruits that much. If it makes you difficult to feed your children with nutritious foods, you can always do creative ways how to serve it using a blender.

Also, while blending the fruits and vegetables they would be stopped from overflowing and getting wasted compared to other appliance, like a juicer. Aside from that, even though the foods have been emulsified or pulverized, the nutrients would be retained because it is still the whole food that’s being consumed. Even if you blended the food, it doesn’t mean that it decreases the amount of nutrients it has, especially its fiber content. Drinking the food instead of eating them is a good idea because you can finish it and not just leave it uneaten or what.

Children won’t exactly know what you are preparing the fruit or vegetable they hate, unless you tell them. If you add other ingredients to it to make it creative, the foods will be tastier and the kids will surely love it!

If you blend foods and fruits, there are a lot of health benefits you can get too.

Using a blender, it makes the planning and serving breakfast or dessert easily.

The brands of blenders available in stores have this cleaning technology where you just simply put clean water in it after blending and run it for few seconds. Blenders actually clean it; and it is proven to be effective and efficient.

Unlike some of food processor and juicer where you have to clean it in a difficult way, blenders have minds of their own and clean its own parts.

It’s not just ice cream, milk shakes, smoothie and other frozen drinks using the blender. You can also make soup, sauces, dressings, margaritas and many more!

Blenders can also chop off the ingredients into smaller pieces so if you want to prepare other foods other than smoothies and desserts, you can do experiments freely as long as your blender can do it.

When doing some experiments, it’s also easy to add more nutrition to your eating habits. By mixing variety of fruits, you can know if your diet is proportion or what. Blending items of your choice and according to health benefits, the nutrients increase in number.

This way, you can invent your new favorite drink and share it with other people too.

Top 5 Best Blender For Crushing Ice Reviews

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This is a quad blade technology that has a unique processing power for ice crushing and cutting action. The power would be in your hands with this multi-talented blender that crushes ice into super-fine pieces within seconds, chops fresh ingredients evenly and blends fruits into smoothies.

Dice, mince, puree and blend to achieve consistent results in their 16 oz. chopper bowl and get the perfect frozen blending in the blender’s 48 oz. pitcher.

It comes with an ergonomic and interchangeable 400-watt power pod that quickly switches between the 48-ounce pitcher and the 16-ounce chopper bowl for an added versatility in your blending experience.

The pod also features a pulsing button which is a large-touch one, the best for consistent control and ultimate results.

Ninja Master Prep also has some the following additional features: splashguards and no-slip bases on the chopper and pitcher that keeps everything clean and steady, storage lids for added convenience, all parts that can be removed are dishwasher-safe.


  • Blends well in under 2 minutes.
  • Not too big, heavy and chunky.


  • Everything will not be pulverized into smooth and uniform liquid form.


Image from Amazon.com

This Ninja Professional Blender features an outstanding performance of 1000W professional power, and a sleek design. Its crushing blade will give you the perfect ice pureeing, blending, crushing and controlled processing experience.

It has an extra-large 72-ounce blender jar which is great for making smoothies and drinks for your whole family. All of the blender’s parts are dishwasher safe, and of course BPA free.

It has a total crushing technology which delivers the unbeatable professional power. The blades crush and pulverize a whole fruit, ice and vegetables immediately in seconds. You can blend your favorite ingredients into dips, smoothies and sauces and most importantly you blast the ice into snow without any effort.

If you want to get the ingredients and others a little bit chunky, you can blend and crush it for a less time. However, if you want it really smooth you can process it for more time. If you don’t want to discolor the foods like fruits, use the slower speed.


  • The blender has 6 blades so a stir stick wouldn’t be of much need.
  • It is also effective for chopping.
  • The bladed remove completely from the pitcher, which makes the blender perfectly clean.


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If you are a lover of icy drinks, shakes, smoothies and others; this blender is the tool you should get. It is powered by 700W peak power. Hamilton multi-function blender crushes ice and blends fruit quickly that leaves you with the kind of drinks you desire.

It comes with 12 blending functions that will help you determine the right setting for a frozen drink or creamy milkshake. It also has the ability to whop up dressings, sauces and purees.

The blender’s Wave-Action system works to pull mixtures down continuously into the blades for a smoother result. Its unique no-mess pour spout yields easy pouring. If you are done using the blender, the cord fits into its bottom for a better storage.

  • Tip: Not all smoothies are equal, add water in the jar first to achieve the best and smooth drink you desire.


  • The blender jus is glass, its food processor/attachment is plastic.
  • Clean-up and storage is easy.
  • The blender’s lid avoids spills and overflows while you are blending.


  • Hamilton Beach doesn’t warrant glass breakage, so be careful with the glass jar.

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This Hurricane Blender operates at once touch of its button. It offers heavy pulverizing performance and a sleek gunmetal design. It can handle heavy pulverizing tasks with its 2.25 peak HP motor professional power.

It comes with BPA-free, 60-ounce Tritan plastic jar with a soft grip handle. It has a heavy-duty plastic base. It also has a quiet double housing design that makes the crushing and blending quiet.

When blending or crushing, you don’t have to guess anymore like you used to. It has an LCD display electronic touchpad controls that operate at one touch of the button. The controls has a preprogrammed ice crush and smoothie options, low and high speeds options, pulse and a programmable countdown timer.

This Hurricane Blender has a blend logic technology which senses load and automatically adjusts speeds for uninterrupted and even blending or crushing. Say goodbye to fixing build-ups!

It comes with a 4-prong stainless blade which is made from commercial quality and heavy duty construction. You can make your smoothies or sauces with ease!


  • Does more job than blending alone.
  • It obliterated frozen and large chunk of fruits like strawberry.
  • Doesn’t bounce around in the granite surface.


  • Might be too tall or too big.

Image from Amazon.com

This Blendtec Blender is an all-in-one blender that makes fresh juice, milk shakes, smoothies, margaritas, ice cream, sauces, bread dough, soups, salsas, dressings and many more!

It comes with the tuned 4” blade in the 3-quart, BPA-free and large WildSide jar. The product’s new large jar and large blade combination powers tough blending a crushing larger recipes at ease, in lesser time imagined.

If you are worried your wrist is going to do a lot of effort holding up the jar, worry no more. This Blendtec blender’s strong material is light. You don’t have to worry about lifting it anymore.

It also comes with an electro graphitic carbon brush that lasts a long time. Its ultra-hard stainless steels are tuned for heavy use, and are cold-forged. It resists corrosion than other blades.

It has one blade, but has many advantages. The patented precision angles and vertical wingtips are engineered for ultimate efficiency. The single blade allows the ingredients to easily fall in the blades. You also don’t have to worry about friction too despite of the blender being a high-powered appliance.

Its ball bearings reduce the friction so your blending is quieter and faster. It is surrounded by a mount which is rubber that absorbs the shock produced by blending frozen fruits and ice.

Safety matters too, and this powerful blender is ETL certified.


  • The blender monitors the speed, operates the temperature and executes pre-programmed blend cycles.
  • There is a blade nut attached for easy cleaning.
  • The pre-programmed cycles run at one touch.


That’s a wrap for the best blenders for crushing ice; I hope that you have made up your mind on what to buy.

To help you further, the winner of this roundup is Ninja Professional Blender. It is because of its 1000W professional power, sleek design and crushing technology.

Blender is one those investments that are worthy to have because it can do a lot of things easily and quickly. Making smoothie and mixing ingredients are achievable, especially if you are catching up on time. Aside from the quick and easy time to prepare foods and drinks, you can also get nutrients from foods you don’t usually like. So if you like to have one in your kitchen, at least you now have the ideas of the things you will experience with a blender.

You can also read my articles about the best personal blender and best blender for protein shakes so you would know more about the specific type of blenders you want to have, whether you like to have a personal blender or a blender that’s best for protein shakes.

Let me know if you like this article. Write what you think in the comment box below, I’d like to hear from you!