Cooking Skills: How To Debone A Trout And Make Fillets!

One of the fishes that is yummier than a salmon is trout! There are many different ways to cook trout. You can bake them inside of an oven, slice them up raw for sushi, or even just fry it regularly. Indeed, it is delicious! So how are you supposed to debone a trout?

In a few simple steps, I will teach you how to debone a trout without any complications or kitchen accidents. It’s easier than you think. Anyone can do it if they are careful enough. Picking off the bones inside a fish is troublesome enough as it is, but this is what we are here for.

Get ready to learn “How to Debone a Trout”!


How To Debone A Trout

What Exactly Is A Trout?

What’s so special about a trout and what makes it different from the rest? A trout isn’t actually a certain type of fish… it’s a name that is used for the species of freshwater fish that belong to the genera Oncorhynchus, Salmo, and Salvelinus.

Trout are actually closely related to salmon.

Most of the time, trout live in freshwater, like lakes or rivers, but there are some types of trout that live in the sea for a few years. They are called rainbow trout.

Like salmon, trout are very important seafood that we all rely on; not just humans, but also birds and other animals, like bears.

The Health Benefits Of Trout

Now that we all know that fish is healthier than pork or beef, what exactly can trout give you? A lot, that’s for sure. Fish are able to give you many kinds of proteins, including lean proteins that are great for people looking to lose some weight.

Trout isn’t so well-known due to the fact that other kinds of fish, like tuna and salmon have been taking the spotlight, but today we now know that trout is just as great as the other two.

  • A one 3-ounce fillet of trout has an amazing 19 grams of protein that will help to burn off some fat when you’re eating.
  • There are many different kinds of vitamins and minerals inside trout, like vitamin B12, vitamin B6, Niacin, and RDA. All of these are essential for human beings.
  • It contains small amounts of calcium and iron, which are enough when you eat it with a well-balanced meal.
  • It contains potassium, phosphorous and selenium, which are the most dominant minerals found inside this fish.
  • There are omega-3 fatty acids inside trout that are good for the health of your heart. They reduce the chances of death by heart attack, stroke, heart disease and arterial clogging.
  • If you are the type that doesn’t get a lot of exercises and is afraid that it will result in bad blood pressure, then trout is the one for you. It reduces bad cholesterol and helps out your blood pressure too.

As you can see, although it isn’t as popular as the other fishes, trout has many health benefits, which is why you should start adding it to your diet today!

How To Debone A Trout?

Deboning a trout is actually easier than it sounds. Sure you will have seen videos of professionals cutting through a trout with the precision of a warrior whose been trained with a sword, but you can also do it by yourself in the safety of your own kitchen.

Just follow these simple steps and you will debone the trout on your counter in no time.


Usually, your main goal when deboning a trout is to make it into a fillet. You can’t include the head of a trout inside a fillet dish.

  • You must cut through the neck of the trout right near the groove of its gills.
  • Make sure that you cut towards the head and not the body, as you will save the meat doing it this way.
  • Use a filleting knife or a very sharp blade so that the results will be cleaner and neater.


If you listen closely, you will hear the small clicking of your knife cutting through the little ribs.

  • Place the trout on its side to make it easier.
  • Start the cut on the side of the backbone and then cut away its head.
  • Insert your selected knife inside the groove and run it down the length of the fish, making sure that you don’t touch the backbone.


Turn it over once again so that you can filet the other side of the fish. Repeat the earlier steps that have been mentioned.


Nobody likes eating fish and having the little bones stabbing inside of their mouths. But it’s alright if you miss a few bones, after all, even professional chefs miss them sometimes.

  • Place the fillet skin down to make it easier.
  • Start picking out each bone you can find.
  • Scrape along the flesh with your knife so you can expose the bones that are lodged deep inside of it.


It’s alright to keep the skin on if that’s what you prefer, however, removing the skin is what’s commonly practiced.

  • Hold the fillet by the tail.
  • Use your knife to cut into the flesh at a certain angle until you reach the outer layer of the skin.
  • Run your knife’s edge at the bottom of the fillet as you tug at the skin in the opposite direction.
  • Repeat this with the second fillet.

Here is a video so that you can see how to do it for real!

Now that you know exactly how to debone trout, do you have a recipe that you want to cook?

Just in case, here is a recipe for fillet and deboned trout just for you!

Baked Trout With Herbs And Bacon

You bake the trout with a tasty mix of herbs and bacon surrounding it. Imagine all of the flavors mixing together while its cooking inside the oven, making a delicious meal. This is a recipe that you should definitely try!

So, how do you like your trout? Baked? Fried? Filleted? A trout is as healthy as can be, but we wouldn’t want to be eating a fish full of bones do we? Deboning a trout is easier than it looks, and I hope that when you fillet and debone trout you will keep things safe in your kitchen.

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